Update on 1st Upper Rissington Company W.B.B.S.

A message from Kirsten Johnstone about 1st Upper Rissington Company W.B.B.S. We are working with a lot of the children in the Upper Rissington scouts and they are all amazing.  We have climbing for the older children this week. Then we […]

Road Markings – Grass – Tennis Courts

Pictures showing that the newly tarmacked roads of Victory Fields now sport road markings. There is a picture of the newly cut grass by Rissington  Management Company behind the Village Hall (thanks again to Max Flint for asking for this […]

Parish Council Meeting – 23 May 2018 (Folland Park)

A Parish Council Meeting is scheduled on 23 May 2018 at 7pm. Agenda: Agenda Extraordinary PC Meeting – 23 May 2018  Children’s Play Park: To consider the bids received for the design and installation of new play park equipment, and award […]

Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown Newsletter

Below is an extract from our MP’s newsletter Upper Rissington Community Liaison Group (dated 15 May 2018) I then chaired both a pre-brief and public meeting of the Upper Rissington Community Liaison Group (URCLG). There has been an enormous number […]

Privacy Policy for Rissington Websites

Due to recent legislation this website now has Private Policy. Before using the Website – https://upperrissington.co.uk – it is your responsibility to read the privacy policy. Please note that Rissington Websites may revise this privacy policy at any time by […]

Redacted URPC Clerk Salary?

Does anyone know why URPC have elected not to show the salary or overtime payments paid to the Clerk on their Agenda’s? A strange thing to do if you perceive that the Parish Council office should be open and transparent. […]

Little Rissington Speeders…watch out

Community Speed Watch – Little Rissington Gloucestershire police incident 199 16/05/18 Police have received a report from the local community speed watch group in Little Rissington that a car drove past them at 40MPH in the 20 MPH zone. The […]

Youth Shelter

Above is an example and not necessarily the shelter chosen (green would be a better colour). It would appear that after the last URPC council meeting, the councillors are researching the idea of a Youth Shelter for the village. Clearly, […]

Dog walking on farm land – beware!

Dog walking on farm land Picture of sheep grazing at Great Rissington. Gloucestershire police have received calls from concerned farmers regarding dog walkers leaving dog’s faeces on farm land, especially in fields with live stock. If a dog has worms […]

Crime local to UR – 12 May 2018

ALL RECENT CRIMES Added on 12 May 2018 Suspicious males selling mattresses door to door – Upper Rissington Gloucestershire police incident 362 11/05/18 Police have received a report of a White Mercedes Sprinter Van registration KV16 BWG with a white […]

Police Community Speed Checks

Police Community Speed Checks On the Bourton-on-the-Water to Upper Rissington Road: 9 Cars were stopped and warned for excess speed on Thursday. The highest speeder achieved 36 MPH and the other 8 vehicles were above 30. I have to say, […]

Longmore – Kitty Hawk – Mitchell X’ing

As you can see, construction work is going ahead today on the Longmore crossing with Kitty Hawk Road. I’ve added a picture that David Harrison supplied that highlights Kitty Hawk Road. The PDF below shows how Kitty Hawk (A.P.Ellis) looks […]

WOW – Bourton Junction

WOW – Bourton Junction – fantastic improvement. Pleased to report that the Bourton Junction has been cut by Highways. Looks much better and further more its now safer for car drivers whose visibility was reduced by long grass. This, along […]

Coppicing Woodland promotes wild flowers…..

Four years ago I sought LinBo’s permission to coppice the exit on Wellington Road. Unfortunately, I could not shred the cut wood. I also see Steve from the Rissington Management Company has also coppiced, unfortunately he doesn’t have access to […]

Public Open Space: Shops & School

Updated: 7 May 2018 The Open space between the school and shops is being landscaped. They will cut all the stray saplings and plant according to the open space plan. Originally, an orchard was planned in this area. Planting Plan […]

Latest Public Open Space Plans – 17/0415/FUL

17/04151/FUL | Variation of condition 1 of reserved matters permission 12/03810/REM dated 23/01/2013 to provide detailed plans and sections of open space provision and to provide amended plans for hard surfacing and planting | Land Parcel At Upper Rissington Upper […]