1 Jan 2010 – Air Ambulance

Just after lunch on New Years Day an unmistakable sound of a very a low flying helicopter were heard. He was clearly looking for a suitable landing site for the unfortunate person who needed the services of the superb Air Ambulance service. I left my house smartly with the camera to take some photographs of the beautifully prepared helicopter which had landed on the sports field.

Here are a few shots of the craft belonging to the Midlands Air Ambulance Service.

Hope the recipient gets well soon.

5 thoughts on “1 Jan 2010 – Air Ambulance

  1. The helicopter came to pick me up. I fell approximately 15foot out of a tree while attempting to cut some branches for my sister and brother in law.
    I was very well looked after by the air amulance team who rushed me to Cheltenham general concerned that I might have broken my neck as I fell on my head. Miraculously nothing was broken and I am quickly recovering from tne knock on the head and minor injuries

  2. Actually I returned to the same tree 2 days later, but this time with a climbing harness, rope and a ladder!!!!

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