17/03740/FUL – 24 residential + 2 business units

Here is the latest from planning: 17/03740/FUL | Erection of 24 residential dwellings, car parking and associated landscaping and the erection of 2 x B1 (Business) units with associated car parking and landscaping | Land Parcel At Upper Rissington Upper Rissington Gloucestershire GL54 2NP. Deadline for comments on 22nd February 2018.

Between Coop and School: 17_03740_FUL-PROPOSED_PLOT_2_ELEVATIONS___SECTION-1123498

Near Roundabout: 17_03740_FUL-PROPOSED_PLOT_1_ELEVATIONS___SECTION-1123493

Materials used in construction: 17_03740_FUL-MATERIALS_DISPERSION_PLAN-1148317

Business Plan Site Plan: 17_03740_FUL-B1_PROPOSED_SITE_PLAN-1123487

The Landscape Plan: 17_03740_FUL-LANDSCAPE_MASTERPLAN-1123563

The Arboricultural Statement: 17_03740_FUL-ARBORICULTURAL_METHOD_STATEMENT-1144591

Design and Access Statement: 17_03740_FUL-DESIGN_AND_ACCESS_STATEMENT_REV_A-1123583

Flood Authority – Water Drainage:17_03740_FUL-GCC_FLOOD_AUTHORITY-1174438

Here is a link to the Original Business Unit Plan.