17/04950/FUL – Variation of Materials (VF)

17/04950/FUL | Variation of condition 3 of planning approval reference 12/03810/REM to regularise the materials used in the construction of the development | Land Parcel At Upper Rissington Upper Rissington Gloucestershire GL54 2NP

Decision is yet to be made. Public Comments accepted until the 2 Feb 2018.

Another very important document has been uploaded onto the Planning Portal. Found by Kelvin Walker, – thank you.

The Conclusion of the report:

Impact on the Character and Appearance of the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB)
The application site is located within the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) wherein the Council is statutorily required to have regard to the purpose of conserving and enhancing the natural beauty of the landscape (S.85 of the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000).

Paragraph 17 of the NPPF states that planning should recognise the “intrinsic character and beauty of the countryside and support thriving rural communities within It.”
Section 11 of the NPPF encourages the conservation and enhancement of the natural environment. Paragraph 109 states that the planning system should contribute to and enhance the natural and local environment by “protecting and enhancing valued landscapes”.
Paragraph 115 states that “great weight should be given to conserving landscape and scenic beauty in … Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.”

In the context of the wider AONB, the changes in the dispersal of materials across the site are minor and, as Officers are content that the proposals are In accordance with LP Policy 42 and the design provisions of the NPPF, it is considered that the revisions also have a neutral impact upon the character and appearance of the AONB.


In summary, Officers consider that the revised dispersion and proportions of materiais, and the change in artificial wailing stone used are in keeping with the prevailing character of the area and accord with the Gotswoid Design Code and thus Policy 42 of the Cotswoid District Local Plan and the equivalent Policy EN2 of the emerging Local Plan, and the design principles of the NPPF.

Furthermore, it is considered that the development as built does not have any greater impact upon the character and appearance of the AONB than the originally approved scheme and thus complies with Paragraph 115 of the NPPF.

It is therefore recommended that the application to regularise the materiais as built is approved.