1st June – VHT leases Village Hall from URPC

Tomorrow (1st June 2017), the Village Hall Trust will lease the Upper Rissington Village Hall from the Parish Council as per previous Parish Council Meeting minutes. This is a huge achievement after very protracted negotiations which are finally concluded.

Please proceed to http://urvh.org domain for more information.


  • I’m very sorry to report but the UR Village Hall Trust was going to complete the Lease with the Parish Council today, to take over the running of the hall but the Parish Council have breached their Lease, so completion was stopped.

    This could be the final straw for the Trust, having worked on this since Aug 2014 and the Lease finally got signed on the 28th April 2017, with completion to happen today 1st June. The Trust could well throw in the towel 🙁

    • Sorry, should have said that currently between two Councillors Laird and Hanks, they hold three Master Keys and it was Cllr Laird who refused today, day of completion, to hand back the two Master Keys she has.

    Obviously, it goes without saying the refusal to hand over the Village Hall keys has breached URPC Code of Conduct and the legally binding lease document they signed.

    I would say the Trust legal representatives could claim he damages by URPC (Dawn Laird) not handing over the keys.

    There has to be an amicable solution otherwise URPC will have to answer to the village and a wider spectrum of critics.

    Thanks David for keeping us informed here.

  • Great News:
    The village hall is now the responsibility of the Trust, the Lease has been completed today.

    Congratulations to the Village Hall team, thanks for sticking with it despite all the odds. Your mix of patience, resilience and firm professionalism has resulted in the best deal for the Community.

    There is more behind this but for now, lets stick with the good news 🙂

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