2011 – Reland Begin Work

Another year older and it’s 2011 the year Reland start work on the project at Upper Rissington.

First is the upgraded infrastructure for the whole site, I quote from Reland late last year:

Present plans means that work could start early in 2011 to Sewage, Water, Gas and Electric supplies for existing dwellings before the new development starts in earnest.

10 thoughts on “2011 – Reland Begin Work

  1. Thanks David, I sincerely hope it’s an improvement. Let me know if you think it’s a backward step.

    I do need to organise the site content thoroughly at some point – little structure at the moment.

  2. Well they have started to demolish some of the unused buildings. Part of the MT Yard went on Friday, I presume it will be finished off next week.

  3. Only noticed one other building (if you can call it that) has gone, it was more of a barn structure behind unit 143. They have also started on a boiler house type building unit 39 but are also using it to store the cherry picker there. They have fence off the bunker type building which is part of unit 41.

    The rubble including what is in the valley, will be crushed and used for road building. It will be stored on the business park until it is used.

  4. Must have a walk and take some pictures this weekend.

    I imagine the area is looking like a bomb site (hope the rubble is being tidied into a central area).

    Good to see Gladedale/Reland start work on the site though.

  5. Half of the front building of the MT Yard had gone by yesterday. The old boiler house unit 39 in the business park has now gone.

    The rubbed is being moved to the far side of the business park close to the first C-hanger by the Barringtons road.

  6. Think all the planned buildings to be demolished have now gone, apart from BUILDING 50. There is talk of this building being delayed on the cotswld gov site – due to disconnection of utilities not as yet completed.

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