3 April 2018

UR – 3 April 2018 Walkabout

The attenuation pond is awaiting its liner. It can only be done once the pond is empty.

The location of the Calor tanks is on the South East of the site. Unfortunately, there is not plan to move them, they were moved there at the time of the refurbishment of housing in the older part of the village. Hopefully, the solicitors of the buyers on VF notified the buyers of the location of these tanks, just in case anyone was unhappy about their location.

NB: There is a new security fence around the tanks.

No work has been done on the Bund, as you can see water freely stands.

Finally, the playwark has been stripped ready for refurbishment.

Attenuation Pond

Calor Gas



RAF Security Fence

General Pictures

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