5% VAT on new boilers.

Many of us will be worried about the cost of heating our homes at this time of the year. Especially those homes using LPG.

Well just a reminder if your boiler fails and many of the village boilers were installed 20 years ago, so there is a high probability they could, or you want something more efficient be aware that the VAT is charged at 5% for a replacement boiler and its ancillaries.

Link to the Government site.

4 thoughts on “5% VAT on new boilers.

  1. Interesting, as I know a company was trying to charge the normal rate of 20% VAT, so a good heads up.

    Worth looking up what VAT should be charge on goods.

  2. Also worth buying your own boiler then getting it fitted you can save over 50%. I was quoted £2400 fora new boiler which I could buy for £700 and one days work to fit it.

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