637 VGS – 56 Bed Accommodation Block

Just in front of the old “pan” at RAF Little Rissington a new accommodation block with Catering Facilities is planned to be being for 637 Volunteer Gliding Squadron, RAF Little Rissington.

This is a picture of what is built and the Operations block (apologies for the quality – snapped with iPhone). Will take better ones in the future.

12 thoughts on “637 VGS – 56 Bed Accommodation Block

  1. Has anyone seen the construction on the airfield. I’m sure it doesn’t represent any of the plans passed. This looks like a new hangar. I’m sure the 56 accommodation block is located between the existing building and the new hangar.

    This is a link to the planning portal documents.

  2. What they are currently building is on the west side of the current 637 VGS operations building. The planning permission shows the 56 accommodation block going on the east side of the ops building! Wonder if CDC knows about this new ‘hanger’?

  3. I asked CDC:
    “You have recently passed planning application 14/05393/FUL, a 56 accommodation block at RAF Little Rissington, Upper Rissington, to be built east of the current 637 VGS operations building. But, currently they seem to be building what looks like to be a new steel framed hanger to the west of the ops building. Is this within planning permission or a planning permission that has already been passed? If the latter, what was the planning permission number?”

    Planning came back with this:
    “Having reviewed the planning history for this site I can confirm that the building operations benefit from Permitted Development, subject to the provisions of the General Permitted Development Order, and as such planning permission was not required.

    Yours sincerely,
    Scott Britnell
    Case Officer”

    1. Well Done.

      Max had a reply from Deborah Smith who said Andrew Moody would get back to her as she is not familair with the site.

      EDIT: Replied today. This is what was said: The Council did receive an application in 2013 for a new hangar in this location, ref: 13/02439/FUL, however this was returned to the applicant. As the land is owned by the MOD it is classed as Crown Land, and the erection of an ‘operational building’ on an airbase may be permitted development, and would not, therefore, require planning permission.

      Therefore the MOD are exempt certain planning rules. This means that building adjacent to Victory Fields without any planning requirements at all is OK. Bizarre.

  4. I think if I was buying on Victory Fields i would of looked into the planning permission regulations for building on crown property is, didn’t anybody find it odd that they had started building before the planning had been passed. But I guess it isn’t what you know but who you know. Let’s just say hope they don’t build anything else what with it being so close to victory fields new houses.

  5. Surely its more a case of Victory Fields being built adjacent to an Operational MOD Airfield! If this is a new hangar for the motor gliers then there is a fair chance that the portable hangar will be removed. The new hangar appears to have a lower profile so may be less intrusive. Neither will stop the cold cutting wind that blows across the airfield straight from the Atlantic.

  6. Caveat emptor; especially when buying a house at a location where historically, there were no houses.

  7. I wouldn’t of thought it was green eyed monster at all, with the problems that the new houses are having banisters and stairs falling apart, flooding of downstairs toilets and upstairs bathrooms outside dry stone walling falling down, toilets and drainage blocking up.

  8. A lot of history in my opinion has been demolished it would have been great if some kind of memorial could be have been made.

    Also the new school classroom names have no connection to the base hawk never based there raf had left by the time this came into service

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