A bats life………

Interesting to know that the black slots in the centre two windows are for bats to enter and exit the building. Kind of puts me off! What about you?

Bat Conservation Trust.


  • From the I I was told is that the insulation and work done to support the Bats there should be no worries of them living there.

    This is good to know. 🙂

  • The “Officer’s Collection” – Could that be described as a Mess?

  • I know residents down Smith Barry are getting fed up by: all the damaged caused by construction vehicles, finding the road blocked by unloading vehicles, all the mud on the road, the large pots holes in the road and the early morning noise; what a mess. Letters (emails) of complaint have been sent.

    The village hall car park looks a right mess as well.

    But, it is looking good and all will be glad when it’s finished.

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