A Community led Parish Plan for Upper Rissington.

A request from the Parish Council.

A plan produced by the community setting out a vision for Upper Rissington’s future.
This plan suggests projects and developments to meet local needs.
It would mean everyone is offered a chance to raise their views, needs and opinions.

We are therefore looking for volunteers who will form a group.

The group would be separate from the Parish Council but fully supported by it and the Gloucestershire Rural Community Council. Any amount of help you can provide would be gratefully received. No experience necessary—just your enthusiasm and time.

What would you do?
Help to design and implement a way to get ideas of what people want for the community!
Create a plan from the above responses.
Help with locating or raising funds to act on the plan

If you would like to get involved please contact us.

Phone: (01451) 810839
Mob: 07866 738623 / 07774 357 802
E-mail: clerk@upperrissington-pc.gov.uk
The Village Hall, Hawker Square
Upper Rissington, Cheltenham
GL54 2NT

Emma Morgan – Upper Rissington Parish Clerk


  • What is the real point of this vision process – just seems like more bureaucracy – we already have a Parish Council.

    I can see the idea if there is a budget and a process to spend any money on plans identified. My guess it’s a waste of time – happy to be corrected.

  • People in our village keep saying that they want things to happen but what?

    So, this is a chance for villagers to put their heads together and come up with some definable goals that as a village, we can work together and make happen.

    Yes, money could well be needed for some of the ideas but how can we move forward if there are no plans for what we, the people who live here, want?

    It is also a golden opportunity to get Gladedale involved and mould plans they have into what we actually want.

  • Agreed – but if the Parish Council can’t identify problems and resolve them what chance does another Quango have?

  • The Parish Council has specific remits and outside of those it’s hamstrung by process and protocol. This steering group may be an opportunity to work outside these shackles. If they act like a group that encourages and facilitates people with a common interest meeting and this place being a more fun and vibrant place to live well, I figure, why not work with it to get out what you want. You seem like a guy with a view and terrific commitment to this community, why not engage to make sure that it’s steered in the right direction…. Bottom line is that the community will only get out what it puts in. If everyone’s happy with the status quo then there’s no point to this group. But if you’ve got ideas on how to make it better here, well….

  • Wayne – David,

    I agree with your sentiment now. I’m all for it – reluctant at first as I didn’t see the point and I still don’t if the PC won’t let the GROUP STEER.

    Max attended the meeting last night and said there was little progress – maybe because of interference from the Council. Personally, Councillors should attend – but in a steering group capacity. I’ll certainly attend the next one if there’s an agenda and its becomes autonomous.

    Discussion here: STEERING GROUP CHAT

  • Simplistically – the idea of the Steering Group is to get ideas from people in the village, not from the PC or the PC steering the Steering Group, put a plan together and get the PC to adopt the plan.

    Sounds easy but there is a lot of work to get to the final plan. Hopefully some of the information collected during this process, could be used to approach different grant holding bodies as proof why we are asking for a grant for a particular project.

  • Please Re-read Emmas opening post.

    Simplistically then its as I said in my opening comments – it’s a Kwango. You may as well have a Parish Council that’s called a steering group and and a Steering Group that’s called a Parish Council. Already most members are Parish Councillors.

    No one wants to attend numerous meetings and get nothing done. Or for their plans and ideas to be taken over by the Council that will do very little with it (they will want to run with it, with the PC’s support and backing of course).

    I don’t see anyone formulating plans and handing them over to the Parish Council for them to sit on them, debate them and do nothing. There are plenty of people in this village (like you David) who will get on and do things given the responsibility.

    Ideas will still come in and the elected PC members will have to run with them as in the past. Maybe provide some time in the Parish Council meetings for a general discussion.

    I re-read Emmas opening request and pasted it onto the Forum and it doesn’t read like the Steering Group being puppets of the Parisg Council. Emmas opening request.

    Not wanting to stand on anyone feet least of all Davids or Emmas – but this is the impression talking to two who attended the Steering Group Meet formulated.

  • There seems to be a theme running through the comments above suggesting that the PC are sepreate from the village in some way, as far as I am aware all the parish councillors live in the village and therefore have the right to express an opnion.
    I think it is great that everyone is passionate about moving things forward and hopefully the days of the PC doing very little with plans or sitting on them are behind us given the success of the bonfire night the PC organised.

  • I am going to date compile a list of things which have gone round and round the houses and when completed by PC tick them off then I can analyse what has be achieve.
    Steering group as Jerry said another set of Kwango and far too many of those bods in this country already Sorry Guys
    I really feel that with everyone having a day job the last thing they want to do is chase things up more to the point the contacts are closed.

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