A monumental moment in village history!

AMENDEMENT: This was a false alarm – it took another 9 months to reach this stage.

Picture: J Flint. You can see the Village Hall and the newly planted trees (yet to be secured and planted in a wavy line at the time of the photograph).

We can safely say that the “new” Upper Rissington Village Hall will be opening for booking very soon. The Trust will take over the day to day running of the facility from the Parish Council as soon as paperwork is finalised.

In the interim, the Trust will assist the Upper Rissington Parish Council with the running of the facility.

Below are the audio minutes of the meeting – Part 1 discusses the Village Hall.

Minutes – 8th August 2016 – Part 1

Minutes – 8th August 2016 – Part 2

15 thoughts on “A monumental moment in village history!

  1. Jerry ( I am assuming you posted the above)?

    Are you sure it is a done deal? Has any document been signed by the trust?

  2. Steve, it was a very positive meeting and the PC agreed to the Lease version that doesn’t have red line issues in it for the Trust. It was left that the PC was going to send the current version of the Lease to the Trust and if all was well, have it checked by respective solicitors and then sign.

    But in the mean time, the Trust would work with the PC to get the hall open ASAP under the PC until the Lease was signed.

    1. I’m sure when the lease is handed to the Trust
      the small print is read with eagle eye then signed
      All sounds like it’s going in the right direction

  3. so pleased to hear the positive news of the village hall and other measures. thanks for recording this. sounds like our pc is finally going in the positive direction.

  4. Good news the hall will be opening it’s doors on Saturday 3rd September.

    There are still a few details with the lease but we anticipate that we will have these sorted and the lease signed by the end of September. In the meantime, the Trust will run the hall on behalf of and with the support of, the Parish Council. This gives us a few tricky ‘grey areas’ to deal with but I hope everyone will take the positive view that we should make the hall available before the start of the school year rather than wait for the solution to these issues.

    The Hall will be run by the Trust and we have a number of challenges that we are facing. We are supported by Parish Council grants for the first three to five years. After that we expect to be self sustaining and not to be a burden on the community charge. We have a business plan that guides us in meeting this challenge.

    The second, and the most important challenge, is to make the village hall a vibrant community hub for the residents of Upper Rissington. To do this we will need the support of the community in the way it uses the hall, with care and consideration for other users. We will need to keep the hall well maintained and a community asset that makes us proud. We will need to invest in new facilities, furnishings and services so that the hall can be there for our future sports, arts, family, community, educational and recreational requirements.

    I hope that the excitement of this wonderful new facility (long overdue in opening) isn’t diminished by the need for us to focus early on some of the less exciting aspects of the hall opening.

    When the lease is signed we’d like to organise a village open day so that villagers can meet all of you that use the village hall. It will be an opportunity for you to promote your groups, clubs and services along with a chance to meet with members of the Management Team and Trust.

    The URVH Trust and
    URVH Management Committee

  5. Well, with the state of URPC nothing is certain. Last night in a Public statement, the Village Hall Trust formerly backed away from the Village Hall.

    Why, because negotiations with the Acting Clerk broke down. You honestly couldn’t make it up, best entertainment in years. Downside, there is a question mark over the Hall until the situation is formerly resolved.

    This process has been going on for a year. What is the common denominator: unprofessional conduct and no hall.

  6. Update: The PC Meeting Agenda for the 3rd Oct, does not have an item discussing the Village Hall takeover by the Village Hall Trust. Which means, that in October the TRUST is unlikely to take possession of the Hall. The months are passing by, before you know it it will be two years…………

    I would remove this post as the title was very premature, but there are too many comments to do this.

  7. The volunteers who are running the hall on behalf of the Parish Council until the lease for the Trust is signed, didn’t expect it to be for very long. It was thought that the lease would be completed by the end of September, latest October.

    You have to ask, how long will this go on until the Trust & volunteers just gets fed up of ‘banging their heads’ against a brick wall…..!

  8. I ought to change the name of this Thread to “A monumental F*** **”. This is unbelievable, I am not concerned about the politics, just concerned as a rate payer that we don’t have a fully functional Village Hall in what I call a VERY large village.

    I am very disappointed with this situation and at this rate, the hall will be in limbo for a quiet some time to come.

  9. A “monumental disaster” more like. I have decided to write to our MP on this matter and hopefully he can resolve it, as our local councillors appear not to have the skill set to complete the process. Nearly 2 years late is unacceptable.

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