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Below is an extract from an e-mail received from Supriya Ray (Bovis Homes). I am sure you will agree, its a very positive statement and I hope real progress will be made to complete the site.

Last Thursday myself and Nigel Gasston (Bovis Homes) carried out a detailed site tour with our counter-parts from Linden Homes and made an action plan which should address most of the issues you have highlighted. With immediate we have relocated a Site Manager from our neighbouring Moreton site to Project Manage the development. His name is Darren Partridge and his immediate priority this week was to civilise the site and make all areas accessible to the general public safe and secure.

From next week (16 April 2018) he will start focusing on the finishing works and making sure we get clarity from EMG and our landscaping contractor, TCL, on time scales for completion of the final works. Yesterday our Construction Director, Gavin Charlton, walked the site with his counter-part from Linden Homes as well as Darren and EMG to check that all immediate matters had been attended to.

Please accept our sincere apologies for the delays and frustration you and other residents have experienced. Rest assured we recognise this and I am confident the appointment of Darren is a positive move.

I am confident that under Darren’s supervision there will be visible progress, as at the end of the day it is in everyone’s interest to complete the works.

I trust this gives you the reassurance you need.

Below was the e-mail I sent.

As a resident of Upper Rissington we would like to know when you are planning to complete basic infrastructure as this process has been going for a number of years? For example the Wellington Spur is now over FOUR years late.

So far we have had many promises and each deadline passes without a satisfactory conclusion. This attitude of constant delay is no longer tolerable.

Therefore, instead of false promises can you answer truthfully when the following actions will be addressed?

1) Surfacing roads to final specification, including Wellington Road and Smith Barry? The deadline has come and gone at least twice without completion.

2) Removal of ghastly marketing flags and advertising hoardings? These are not fitting in an area of AONB.

3) Removal of inappropriate Heras fencing. We as villagers need the fencing removed on the site opposite Mitchell Way and adjacent to the Coop as a matter of urgency.

4) Removal of litter and building debris adjacent to RAF Little Rissington.

5) Removal of Heras fencing from the South Side, football pitch and a general tidy up.

6) Removal of the compound that is used by Bovis and Linden adjacent to Mitchell Way.

7) Landscaping to final specification as soon as possible.

I don’t think this is an unreasonable request. Your original prognosis was offsite by December 2017.

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2 thoughts on “A positive from Bovis Homes

  1. Nothing here to confirm they will landscape to the S106 2013 plans so still mountains to move, literally!

  2. What progress has been made towards completion of the Public Open Spaces in accordance with the S106 dated 2013 ? They still have not finished the Dry Stone Walls on Mitchell Way, the Attenuation pond is a mess and more top soil is being imported which is just messing up the roads. This looks just like more words! When was Nigel Gasston seen at any event associated with Upper Rissington?

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