A two year anniversary!

On the 9th March it will be two years since the new or is it now old Village Hall was completed by KIER. Incidentally, the school was handed over on the same day.

The Parish Council took an inordinately long time before before they occupied the building and the plan was for it to be run by the Village Hall Trust immediately that URPC took over (this process clearly failed). The VHT have been attempting to sign the lease for most of this period and as yet the lease is still not signed. It was hoped that it MAY have been ready to sign after this evenings cancelled URPC meeting.

We are now moving into the 25th month from completion. So much has been said about this subject – fingers crossed is all I can add. 🙂




    So at what stage is VILLAGE HALL TRUST at after TWO YEARS………….or should we be asking URPC?

    • 28 Trust meetings (usually one a month) and still no lease! Think best ask the URPC

      • Looking through the records, the first meeting of the group (not a Trust at that time) was back on the 10th August 2014, after the URPC asked if there was a group who could run the hall on behalf of the community.

        • As I’ve said before, we ALL appreciate the hard work the trust has put into this project to date and admire your perseverance, hope you all get satisfaction soon. Furthermore, as said before, I don’t think anyone can understand any further delay by URPC!

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