Access to Playing Field and Pre-School

NOTE: Post amended 15:00 on 1 Nov 2018 (picture of gate installed).

School Access Gate

Yesterday, our ward councillor, Mark Mackenzie-Charrington wrote to my wife to explain that the above entrances were being discussed before implementation by Gloucester County Councils, education department.

Cllr Mackenzie-Charrington reported the following was sent from the GCC project manager to the schools Chairman after a request from him: I am trying negotiate a permanent access at the top of the site near the Community centre for the schools grounds maintenance team to access the double gates. The idea being to provide a permanent pathway rather than messing up the verge when vehicles have to pass in bad weather. We are also trying to negotiate a permanent access for the pre-school by providing a gate and footpath off the current footpath into the school site. All with little affect at the moment but we keep chasing for an answer. We believe that the pathways have not been adopted yet so are trying to negotiate with the developer, keeping CDC in the loop.


It would appear that the information was late, as the accesses are being built as we speak and the pre-school entrance without planning permission. Furthermore, as we know people won’t actually use the footpath they will cut the corners to the pre-school.

Regarding the access to the playing field off Wellington Road this was only ever supposed to be a temporary access. We welcome it being finished to a good standard that will allow heavy vehicle access if required. It will also allow, the developers to finish the footpath towards Hawker Square as per planning (as they were waiting for the entrance to be completed.

Secondly, the access off the Longmore footpath to the pre-school, was never part of the initial plans. These footpaths are also made of the Hoggin type material and these will never be adopted.

Finally, the residents of Windrush Park, are not part of this development and they may object to this action. We believe at this time the developers are  responsible for Wellington Road. However, Windrush Park residents deeds will specify exactly who is responsible for this  unadopted road. The extra traffic and parking by parents during drop-off, will only make the road dangerous to all concerned.

It would seem that VH management were asked for permission to use the Village Hall car park on a temporary basis for drop off and pick up. This was readily agreed, with a couple of minor conditions and is subject to review. The school asked for this for the period required to make modifications to the entrance and staff room. 

I have asked our Ward Councillor, for a statement regarding Wellington Roads adoption.

Unadopted and Adopted Roads

Photographs supplied by Stuart Hepburn.

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