Allotments – Vehicular Access

The latest plans on the portal show that there will be a Hoggin roadway with two parking slots for the new allotments planned for construction in May / June 2019 (see picture above)..

What do we think of this? I think it’s yet another ill thought out execution on this development. What do you think? 

  1. Hoggin is not sustainable and will quickly rut with vehicles driving down there (will be an ideal road for the Ariel Nomad).
  2. People will not respect the parking slots and consequently park on the grass. 
  3. If we are talking of eco-allotments why do cars even need to gain access to the allotments, in this day and age people should find alternatives, such as shank’s pony?
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15 thoughts on “Allotments – Vehicular Access

  1. What a joke! MMC says it has not been passed at CDC so why is it on the portal when important documents like the findings of the recent EA investigations have not been posted? What is worse no one from URPC asked any questions but no surprises there as they do not know or understand what is going on and clearly do not care! Time is long overdue for someone to take the clerk around the village as she does not know what she is doing or what the residents are saying in meetings!

  2. All designed to confuse, trouble is they are the ones who are confused! I loved it when MMC said the plans for Delfin Way were still on when the Radium contamination was discussed at the CDC planning committee in his absence and even that was a red herring detract from the real concerns!

    1. It has been approved, nothing in Limbo as LinBo are back at work now but they are behind on that schedule they published as they have not even started on the Tennis court refurbishment yet! The Pond has not been approved and it would appear that someone is now using that as an excuse! The real issue though is that CDC are waiting for LinBo to sign the amended S106 which I do not see happening! They have contravened it so either retrospective planning is going on again or they are waiting for LinBo to effectively sign an admission of guilt! As chinese saying goes, we live in interesting times!

  3. perhaps the owners of those houses will now be motivated to check their TP1’s or lose a chunk of their gardens? Hey Ho that should get a few going when they start that work!

  4. It would appear the allotment vehicular is causing a planning delay and this starting the planned POS work schedule.

    Personally, I am unsure whether an access should be constructed. However, the owners in Smith Barry do not wan’t it, for personal reasons.

    I don’t think the solution proposed is any better as the owners of houses on Godfrey Place will be annoyed. It has to go down the middle if anywhere.

  5. Which plan were residents not happy with, as this ‘new’ plan’s publish date on the portal is 14 Dec 2018?
    I note that the drawing does not have a drawing number or revision level or even dated!!!

    This latest plan, the hoggin 3m wide road follows what was originally going to be a hoggin 2m wide footpath route (as it says handwritten on the drawing), which has been on the plans for a long time.

  6. David,

    They are unhappy with the initial solution and the one dated as per your post.

    The document you refer to is the one I took a snap shot of. I should have added the document itself dated as recently as 14 Dec 2019. Click to view.

    Declan at the Parish meeting was unhappy with it dropping down to the back of Smith Barry Circus. Their gardens are quite close as some of them have clearly taken some POS for themselves reducing the hectares as per planning even more.

  7. If you challenge MMC you will discover that those plans on the portal are a premptive posting for retrospective planning and/or resident reactions! As David points out they are not formal plans at all! The delays on starting work on the POS post Christmas break are due to Linden delaying signature to the S106 amendments? I wonder why?

  8. I have many times, just listen to your URPC recordings but on this occasion I put it to DS directly! They are not approved plans right now but there is no guarantee that they will not be approved in future! This is why I made my point above.

  9. Think there is some confusion on here which is the current drawing for the hard surface to the allotments:

    This just had the hoggin 2m wide footpath down to the allotments.

    This shows the hoggin footpath widened to 3m for vehicle access to allotments but isn’t an official drawing. Also it hasn’t been superseded?

    This shows the 3m wide vehicle access to allotments, ‘hugging’ the edge of the POS area and may clash with current fence positions.

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