CANX – Annual “Parish” Meeting – 12th April ’17 – CANX

MEETING CANCELLED – notified 11th April 2017

The Annual Parish Meeting will be held on Wednesday 12th April at 7 pm.

Information from CPALC.

This is the meeting where the URPC invite the public and press to hear reports from the Chairman, District & County Cllrs, or any organisation the council have given significant funding to.

There should be an opportunity for the public and press to express their opinions on what the council are doing.

No votes taken at this meeting are binding with URPC, although they should consider them at the next meeting of the URPC. Only members on the electoral role can vote on an issue – other members of the public can attend and express their opinions but not vote.

Standing Orders should be suspended for the Annual Meeting of the Parish.

5 thoughts on “CANX – Annual “Parish” Meeting – 12th April ’17 – CANX

  1. I shall not attend this event due to prior commitments. However, as we all know our council should reform if it is to be taken seriously. Integrity needs to be bolstered up and consequently villagers trust will then follow. Unfortunately, I do not see this happening in the short term – otherwise major projects such as TREES and VILLAGE HALLS would be finalised by now.

    However, I would rather have our PC, than have our village managed remotely, which could so easily happen, so fingers crossed there will be reform.

    What questions would I ask if I was present? I will add a post with those questions later.

    BELOW are last years questions from me, I thank the Parish Clerk for resolving the issues of posting up Agenda and financials, hence missing from the list.

    1) What was the result of the investigations regarding the last Parish Clerk leaving as requested on numerous occasions?
    2) The process of taking over the Village Hall has been protracted, can you explain why?
    3) Why was the precept not discussed as early as July 2015 (applies to 2016 too) rather than at the last minute?
    4) What is the purpose of the secret Agenda items when other Councils manage to run their business without this confrontational technique?
    5) Organise a contract to cut the village hedge annually, therefore it is cut in the recommended period.
    6) Can you update the village with the Allotment development?
    7) I will add more later for 2017.

    What is important is that you ask questions, it is the only way to improve our village and our URPC.

  2. I am totally disappointed – but I should say “not surprised”, as this is the fifth cancellation this year. Lets hope its rescheduled soon.

    1. My view on this; the dates has been in the diaries of councillors and on Notice boards around the village for a long time now.

      The “NALC” book states it is the Chairman who should of dealt with this albeit in this case Vice Chair.

      It would appear that they just can not be bothered to serve this community that they are representing.

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