A change of direction – Website to Forum

This website will continue into 2018 and beyond in its basic format.

The base website will always have the latest article and images. However, if you want to discus anything you will need to register for any new articles published after today here, by manually registering or using Facebook log-in. A suitable link will be provided on each article to http://upperrissington.co.uk/forum

The reason for the change is to simplify posting, for those that find it difficult to post on this website.

The Forum will be tweaked over the next couple of days:

  • I need to remove the branding at the top “Movara”.
  • Need to look at all settings to ensure its set for best viewing.
  • I have just set the Forum, so that no one can read ANY post content until they register (may make this forum specific).
  • Each person needs a unique e-mail address – very difficult to police to be fair.
  • The intention is to always post a TOPIC on the main site and then repeat it here for discussion, with a link.
  • Of course the format allows the user to post whatever he likes…….