ANPR camera installation at UR!

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) camera(s) have been installed at Upper Rissington.

NPR can check any number plate against a database of records of vehicles that are of interest to the Police.

  • It is used to identify stolen vehicles or those involved in crime
  • It can be used proactively to target criminals on specific operations
  • It is particularly useful for tracking and tackling travelling criminals, organised crime groups and terrorists
  • It provides lines of enquiry and evidence for forces throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland
  • It reduces the possibility of accidents by removing unsafe vehicles and drivers from our roads
  • It can be used to find stolen vehicles, tackle the use of vehicles without insurance and uncovering cases of major crime
  • It means officers can look out for offending or suspicious vehicles without disrupting law abiding drivers
  • It can confirm whether vehicles associated with a criminal or a crime has been in the area at the time of a crime and can dramatically speed up investigations
  • ANPR has been successful in the detection of many offences
  • It has resulted in five times the number of arrests compared to those by patrol officers operating without it 
  • ANPR cameras are fitted within police vehicles and at fixed points around the county
  • For operational reasons, and in line with national policy, we do not say where they are as this would defeat the object
  • Before installing additional ANPR cameras, there has to be evidence of :
    • National security and counter terrorism
    • Serious, organised and major crime
    • Local crime
    • Lack of Community confidence and reassurance
    • Crime prevention and reduction
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