Anyone for Ping Pong?

The concrete Table Tennis table courtesy of the URPC and promoted by Cllr D.Laird has arrived and looks splendid in the play park. Believed to cost close to £4000 (will check the real cost later and amend as necessary).

Now, the big test will it ever be used for Table Tennis? First person to witness Table Tennis wins the star prize – a Concrete Chess Table.

6 thoughts on “Anyone for Ping Pong?

  1. Judging by the way the mats have been laid , not sure who is expected to use it! Clearly not anyone with any ability whatsoever! There again it may be the clowns who installed it!

    1. I’ve seen it in use once by kids and I’ve been told by a resident, that one day kids were waiting to use it, as there were a few children there 🙂

  2. It would appear that someone has destroyed the table tennis bats stored under the table. Really naive to think that something like this wouldn’t happen. They should have been stored in the Village Hall.

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