Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty?

Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty? Officially yes!

I cycled around the village taking a few photographs. The older part of the village certainly looks unkept these days. The roads need resurfacing, sweeping and litter collected.

In the Victory Fields area there are huge amounts of earth works that require completion. I spoke to someone from the developers who intimated that the last developer on site: Linden or Bovis will be responsible for removing the huge amounts of earth and grade the area around the attenuation pond. He was convinced they would just walk off site. I hope not. Maybe, explains why Linden are working at break neck speed to leave the area.

What is a surprise on this development, is that developers have not followed their phase sequencing. Other sites in the country complete a phase before going onto the next, we are already on Phase 6 and Phase 1 is not complete! Even items like street lighting on Victory Fields are located incorrectly and some even fail to illuminate.

Then there is the unsightly hoarding around the shop area, the incomplete roads and the destroyed wall near the roundabout. 

If the site is completed as we all desire then it will be a beautiful place to live. I am just a doubter – whats worse is CDC are not policing the development as they should.





    we have all become so used to this, but seeing it in pictures really brings home what a mess we are living in.

  • Think if everyone did their bit, it would make a difference to the overall impression of the village we live in.

    Also, if the PC actioned matters like the Road signs, which have been damaged and/or knocked over, to the eye it would look better.

  • Apart from the rubbish which is much as it was in 2002; no trees have been pruned in the past 40 years, most are overgrown and need work which will then become the responsibility of the Parish Council if they opt to buy the land for a pound!
    Old lamp posts still adorn the site, they are not connected and look unsightly, they are unlikely to be removed or replaced. The developers are raising ground levels in an attempt to loose the spoil rather than pay the disposal rate for it. Nothing is ever finnished on this site!

  • Hopefully our Parish Council maybe able to assist in fixing some of the issues below (e-mail sent).

    Dear Councillors.

    Having toured our village yesterday, it is evident that some serious maintenance is required in certain areas. I am hoping that you can help in doing something about these issues as they fall under URPC responsibility.

    1) Four roads signs, require immediate attention. 30 mph sign as you enter the Coop village entrance is leaning over, Sandy Lane Court, Bristol Road and a sign that warns of the New Mitchell Way roundabout layout that is in a dangerous location. The New Roundabout Sign blocks the visibility of traffic leaving Wellington Road.

    2) The unfinished island as you approach the village from the Barringtons. These bollards have not been installed correctly, making the island dangerous when visibility is low (they have been this way for two years).

    3) There are many polls that have been erected without signs on the main Barrington road – they either need removing or signs erected on them.

    4) Grass requires cutting on the West side of the main road all the way along the Barrington Road. If it is Little Rissington responsibility then please ask them to cut said grass or just take responsibility and present our village to a higher standard.

    5) Grebe Square footpaths and road requires immediate attention (I am aware that these issues fall under Gloucester Highways – but they clearly need some reminding from URPC).

    6) Bleriot footpaths and road requires immediate attention (I am aware that these issues fall under Gloucester Highways – but they clearly need some reminding from URPC).

    7) Wright Road and footpaths requires immediate attention. (I am aware that these issues fall under Gloucester Highways – but they clearly need some reminding from URPC).

    8) All streets require street cleansing. Gutters especially on the main Western perimeter road (Barrington Road).

    9) Verges in the vicinity of the Reclamation Yard require maintenance and repair (both sides of the road).

    10) The developers must repair or reconfigure the wall they demolished at the mouth of Mitchell Way as a matter of urgency. Furthermore, they need to configure the Wellington Road exit as per the plans. This has taken nearly three years and its still unfinished.

    11) Also, please note that Estate Agents (Harrison Hardie) are tie wrapping their FOR SALE boards to dog bins. As we know this will cause the bins to fall over in time.

    If you wish to use the attached photographs for evidence please feel free (taken 2 March 2017).

    Of course there are still many issues on Victory Fields, which I know you are fully aware of, I can list those if required.

  • Good news 🙂 Farman Cr. bus shelter was being checked out for refurbishment today by a specialist company: externiture (

    • Spoke to the chap doing it and depending on weather, he hopes to be complete by the end of the week 🙂

      • That is fantastic news. Pictures when done David please. Would also like to thank our district councillor Nigel Moor for organising the funding to repair and replace the shelters – well done him.

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