Attenuation Pond Progress – plus

Photographs taken at the weekend, showing progress made with the Attenuation Pond, plus some HOLES?



  • Jennifer Culloty

    Do we have any time scale as to when we will be getting the play area and cycle paths? So glad to see this progress…. It’s been a long time coming and seems to be transforming quite rapidly.. ?

  • Just when you thought the pond was finished……….

    It would appear that the revised pond is not as deep as originally planned. So they have to dig to find the feed pipes that have been buried…. 🙂 Also, where is the protective membrane that should have been laid before the top coat of soil is laid?

    Finally, is that Heras fencing I spy in the hole? 🙂

    • Isn’t this work on the edge of the pond where they have been making big soil hills, not actually in the pond?

      There’s all sorts of rubbish in the soil hills they made, including what looks like a hydraulic suspension arm from a vehicle! The new hills use to smell of manure, hopefully with the rain, that will go.

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