Audio Minutes for URPC Meeting – 9 Jan 2017

If you have the time please listen to the following Audio File form the last URPC meeting on the 9th January. I apologise for the initial background noise.

Parish Council Meeting Audio File – 9th January 2017

Firstly, I would like to say I am very pleased to announce that URPC now have a Chairman (Jason Corban). However, it is clear from the the Audio Minutes that the Clerk knew nothing of this process as the forms for the new Chairman to sign were brought to the meeting by a Councillor and not the Clerk/RFO (Debbie Hill). A clear lack of communication by the councillors which outwardly appears to be an underhand process and simultaneously undermines the clerk/rfo.

Also, listen to the tone of the meeting. The way in a which a Cllr speaks to Debbie Hill on numerous times is appalling, this same fact has been discussed by various people in the village who attended the meeting on Monday evening. If I was the Chairman, I would consider rebuking the councillor. Another example, was the way a Cllr said that they could not endorse the minutes of a previous meeting. This was an error of judgement, as the normal process is to report any findings when the minutes are circulated prior to the meeting. I am sure you will agree a very unprofessional way of conducting business.

Onto serious business, it is now nearly 2 years since the Village Hall was completed (March 2015) and still we are waiting for paperwork from solicitors for the TRUST to take over. We need to contact the BBC again on this, as it is clear someone within the Council is delaying matters, on purpose or otherwise. Bizarre and hugely disappointing for all concerned.

Whats more, URPC have wasted many thousands of pounds on energy bills, because they did not fix the heating system and lights that were reported to them as early as July 2016. In fact, it has been reported elsewhere by someone directly involved with the Hall, that the Clerk was specifically instructed NOT to fix the boiler problem (Note: at the last meeting Debbie Hill announced she will be organising a fix for the boiler).

I’m also appalled at the naive attitude that the developers will supply more money to fix a building which has gone out or warranty in approx’ May 2016. The developers have already built the Hall FOC and also given the Council a huge lump sum, why would they give more? URPC need to agree to fix the problems and get it handed over to the TRUST who are willing to run this fantastic facility for the village ASAP.

It goes without saying I am very unhappy with the way that some councillors conducts their business. They need to read the NALC Guide and the Good Councillor Guide and their own Standing Orders as they don’t appear to comply with any of it.

NB: We never did get the report of why the last Clerk resigned after her harrasement in 2015. This was requested numerous times at Council Meetings in 2015 and has been conveniently forgotten. I shall remind them.

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4 thoughts on “Audio Minutes for URPC Meeting – 9 Jan 2017

  1. After I wrote this, I was contacted by one of the councillors. He was not happy with the tone of the above post and suggested that events were not exactly as I have written them. Please make your mind up by listening to the Audio Minutes or if you were at the meeting and know differently please comment accordingly.

    He also suggested I was unsupportive of him and the council. This is further from the truth, if the council were “open” I give full support to them and I want them to succeed. For the record I give full support for three of the councillors including the Chairman. However, I have serious reservations about one of the others and totally unsupportive of the other.

    The parish council is in place to support the community in what members of the public would like to see in their Parish. They must stop spending money on idiotic schemes and stop wasting public money on energy bills (the acting clerk could have done sometime about this months ago). Furthermore, a council is to work as a team, not as individuals and clearly this is not happening and its very evident thats some councillors seem to treat it as a private club which it is not.

    To sum up, I have every confidence in Jason Corban being a strong Chairman, who takes no nonsense from councillors that do not fall into line. This is his opportunity to make the PC great. However, I strongly believe he has to cleanse it of those that don’t meet the criteria. In the e-mail I received it mentioned the RAF, if the person who wrote the email believes in protocol then he will enforce it as I did and obeyed while in the Royal Air Force.

  2. Steve, I was at the meeting and as said anyone who listened to the Audio Minutes will hear the tone of the said councillor. I sat there and my jaw dropped on how she talked to the Clerk, like many others who attended.

    There is clear evidence of URPC acting as private club as mentioned above.

    I would like to think the Chair will in the future manage the councillors in a proper manor and that they act upon it. If he does not then the council WILL fail.

    Lets see how the budget pans out given that there is no real spending this year. There should be no reason to increase the precept after each councillor analysis the Budget sheet.

    My advice to any councillor; is be yourself (an individual) and do not follow like sheep.

  3. If anybody talked to me like that, HR would intervene and its most likely they would be reprimanded and threatened that any further instances of this nature would not be tollerated. NB: I work for BT.

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