Black Gold in South Field

24 July 2018

Larger excavators seen on South Filed, what are they looking for?

12 July 2018 

The developers are searching for gold, but it looks like black gold from tarmac has been found instead. Other debris form the development deposited here is clearly visible.

What will become of this waste: a MUGA, a wild flower area or removal?

Historical Photos

21 June 2018:

The document below is from the original submission in 2011. Figure 4B is the only figure of note, specifically item 18, which clearly shows that all under ground tanks have been removed on site except for 4 x 20,000 gallon aviation fuel tanks, located within a building with asbestos roof, which remains along with bund. These tanks may have been removed before dumping took place, unfortunately there isn’t any record of this happening.

7 June 2018:

Well, I am pleased to say that Deborah Smith, CDC Planning Officer, has listened to ALL our comments and this is what she said, “We do not appear to have drawings detailing the proposals for the southern playing field. As previously stated, there is a need to provide more facilities for older children within the open space areas and we would request that consideration is given to the incorporation of a Multi-Usage Games Area (MUGA), a skatepark or alternative facilities within the site to meet this need. This could potentially be located within the southern playing field area or within the main sports pitch area – consideration would obviously need to be given to visual amenity and noise mitigation. It is understood that Bovis has instructed Merebrook to undertake testing of the fill area on the southern playing field and would be grateful if we could be advised of the findings as soon as they are available.”

The above extracted from this document:

CDC Files below:

The three files below have just appeared on the CDC Planning Portal, after a request by Sir Geoffrey Clifton – Brown MP. They have not used the company that was requested to do this.

After soil testing on the Southern Playing Field by CDC, they have recommended the following:

There were no recorded exceedances to the adopted validation criteria in the topsoil and made ground subsoil with the <strong>exception of the underlying made ground at location D5</strong> for the following contaminants: benzo(a)pyrene; benzo(b)fluoranthene; and dibenz(a.h)anthracene

It was considered that the exceedances were due to the presence of black tarmac fragments at this location and the exceedances were such that the overlying topsoil would not be sufficient to provide appropriate long term mitigation for the intended end use due to soil mixing. It is therefore considered that remedial works are necessary within this area. The following course of action is recommended:

  1. Removal of the topsoil on a 20 x 20m square centred on location D5 and set aside;
  2. Excavation and removal of the underlying made ground to a depth of 600 mm below formation;
  3. Validation of each side of the excavation against the acceptance criteria for PAH congeners (one sample per 10 linear metres);
  4. Excavation extended and sides revalidated should any failures occur;
  5. Placement of clean, validated site won material (against the criteria in Tables 1 and 2) or imported subsoil (validated against the same criteria) to replace the removed soils;
  6. Placement of the topsoil that was set aside;
  7. WAC (waste acceptance criteria) testing should be undertaken on the removed unsuitable soils prior to disposal;
  8. Tickets for any imported material and the disposal to be provided for inclusion in the final validation report.

19 November 2017:

Above are some pictures of what has become a wild flower area, which should have been a playing field. I want to remind everyone that under the top surface of this area was dumped materials from the RAF Technical Section which become Victory Fields. This process allowed Linden and Bovis an area to bury materials cheaply rather than remove it from site*.

Furthermore, there should be a hi-visibility membrane to protect individuals from contaminated materials buried beneath the surface “if” such material were deposited here. However, we believe the containment process in this area and the southern VF BUNDS has not taken place, but is light in nature and once the protective membrane is in place, the problem will be isolated.

Many individuals would like to see this area returned to the correct landscape profile, Which is level and turned into a MUGA or playing field. Of course there are some with a personal interest who would like to leave it as rough ground.

You should also note that the field lies within Great Rissington’s Parish Council boundary and therefore could be their responsibility, once the development is complete.

*This was probably done on request of CDC to recycle as much material as possible on site.

Thanks to Karen Milroy, who researched the 2011 document alongside Google Earth.


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7 thoughts on “Black Gold in South Field

  1. Does anyone know why LQM have not been appointed to inspect this area? According to our MP, Sire Geoffrey Clifton-Brown insisted at the last URCLG meeting that LQM should investigate all areas that may contain any contamination. It would appear that a third party or Linbo have taken it upon themselves to do their own investigation into contamination.

  2. Well it is pretty obvious that used tarmac has been dumped on the south field and covered up. Tarmac surfaces laid down in the 1980s or earlier may contain coal tar and with the age of the camp it is possible that that is AWCCT that you are looking at in those photos – Asphalt waste containing coal tar – which is classified as hazardous waste and there is a cost to dispose of it. Back in 2010 Derby City Council replaced a tarmac playing field at a primary school and the cost to dispose of the tarmac legally was going to be £100,000, can you image what the cost to remove all the tarmac on the hangar aprons would be nowadays? If that is AWCCT then the developers have illegally disposed of it and caused environmental damage!

  3. CDC and LinBo cannot be trusted with the contamination testwork as Idom Merebrook were appointed to oversee the development thoughout and as time has passed residents have exposed an increasing number of breaches to the Remediation plans and indeed the Remediation plans have been rewritten at least 4 times in response to residents expressed concerns without actually effecting any remediation works. Only a competent independent consultant will be accepted by residents to complete the final review including additional test work , if deemed appropriate. LQM were appointed recently by CDC to review some earlier work and residents found their conclusions to be not only comprehensive but more importantly reliable. This is the main reason why our MP recommended that CDC appoint LQM for the final review.

  4. Karen Toomer of ERS has stated on the planning portal that the recommendations to deal with the PAH contamination in the made ground on the south field seem reasonable. What are they doing about the fact that the contaminated stuff was dumped there illegally in the first place? Nothing! It’s criminal. There are no material movement plans available for the soil on that field, they don’t have a clue where it all came from. And what about all the other rubbish you can see in the photos, there shouldn’t be large pieces of plastic sheeting in there, the field has been used as one big illegal waste dump and CDC are doing nothing about it except getting the developers to dig out the contamination. They should be heavily fined for what they have done as if it wasn’t for residents campaigning to get the field tested, that contamination would have stayed there forever on a public open space, potentially putting residents at risk of exposure to carcinogenic PAH’s.

  5. Karen Toomer does not understand that the whole of the South Field area is one big contaminated dump not just a few isolated pockets where they identified the illegally dumped contaminated materials in an inadequately defined sampling grid! This is a perfect example as to why CDC, ERS, the so called in house CDC expert, and Idom Merebrook, the LinBo appointed consutant cannot be trusted to clean up this site properly. They are all in the pockets of LinBo and paid to NOT find anything wrong! What is of concern is that the Environment Agency is aware and also have done nothing to enforce the regulations. But this too is consistent with the ollution of the River Windrush at Bourton as exposed on the BBC, Countryfile programme recently, This then begs the question about our very own sewage plant which has been declared “adequate” by Albion Water inspite of NOT being upgraded to cope with the additional 384 homes as part of the Victory Fields development and was designed and built for RAF Little Rissington many decades ago! CDC have also failed to respond to the question as to whether or not the old Fuel tanks that are on the South field have been removed. Google Maps show them clearly upto the time this development started and no one can prove that they were removed so the readers may make their owns conclusions.

  6. I guess they have found something worth excavating on South Field as a larger digger has been spotted there. I don’t understand how you can be selective on a field that is totally contaminated. The whole dump needs to be removed.

  7. Perhaps they are looking for oil? No one can prove the old tanks were ever removed? Trouble is they have dumped so much rubbish there that it will need even bigger diggers to pull them out! Just wasting time so they can blame residents for not completing the S106 Public Open Spaces when they should be finished.

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