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The Barrington Road – Roundabout and 30 or 40 mph speed signs!!! I prefer quick cars – but I also understand the argument to reduce the speed limit from 40 to 30. What do you think? Maybe its something worth taking to highways – if the majority say reduce the speed limit. I have noticed the new Roundabout is being treated as a high speed chicane for those travelling from Barrington through the village.

6 thoughts on “Barrington Road speed limit

  1. Personally, I think the speed should now be reduced to 30mph for the road round the village, from the speed change off the Stow/Burford road to where the speed changes on the Barrington Road south of the village. And isn’t 20mph with in the village fast enough?

    I note that no speed limit signs have been put up in Victory Fields and you come off a road that is 40mph. Does this mean the speed round Victory Fields is 40 but hasn’t got the repeater signs that have to be there?

  2. i think the speed limit on most f the roads withhin the village should be no greater than 20mph considering the fact that the roads are much narrower than normai and there is often no footpath . Part of Sopwth Road is a good example it is now used as quick getaway from the Coop IT IS AN ACCIDENT WAITING TO HAPPEN i am disabled and frightened to cross the road

  3. Dave, I highly recommend you write two e-mails, stating the same. One to our clerk and the other to highways. Will add an e-mail address later. Within the village you are right, a limit of 20 needs to be applied where roads are narrow as you describe. At the moment the whole of the village is 30 and some parts that are unadopted have nothing. Good luck with this.

  4. The roads within the village have been 30 for along time without accidents happening so why do people think accidents are going to happen now, you can’t physically drive more than 30 mph round the village any way so why change it to 20? As for the main road around the village I don’t see why it should be dropped as along most of the road it is not residential.

  5. Laura, I share you opinion. However, today on FB, there was a discussion, following an unpleasant incident in Bourton and this subject was broached. Nothing conclusive except the realisation that there are many varying opinions.

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