Bollards on Longmore Path (was Avenue)

At long last the developers have added bollards on the Longmmore pathway to prevent motor vehicular access. They are made of plastic and I am unsure how they are secured into the ground. Two of them appear rather loose.

Nevertheless, good to see them fitted and I am thinking we should thank Nigel Moor who clearly sped up the process. I also, noticed that there are two more yet to be installed where the path meets Wellington Road.


  • The path from Cranwell Road going south, is part of Kitty Hawk Walk. There’s no official name for what was Longmore, so lets stick with Longmore? 🙂

  • Good to see the Bollards, but they need to be properly cemented in. I foresee the loose ones will be wrenched out!

  • The two at the end of Longmore, at Wellington Road are now in place as well 🙂

  • Great news, just hope they are both secure. 🙂 🙂

  • I noticed they have been properly secured since I took the photographs.

  • The bollards have not been installed correctly according to Council standards so most will be ripped out and repositioned to facilitate Wheelchair access and the popular double push buggies! Given all the stress homeowners have endured on Victory Fields with Wheelchair access being given as the excuse for compromising the DPC on our houses this really is an ironical result! Its such a pity our Parish Councillors did not pick this up given that at least one has children in push chairs and should have done something about it??

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