Boundary Hedge Cut

Pleased to announce that URPC organised the cut of the boundary hedge this month. Furthermore, it has been cut in the correct time period of the year. My only comment is that the cut is not even and it does look like a waywood caterpillar, but it has been cut! 🙂

WODC contractors also cut the growth from hedges near the junctions that effect people leaving the village in to the Barrington Road. I think they may have been a little enthusiastic with their cut of the hedge South of Harris Gardens.



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3 thoughts on “Boundary Hedge Cut

  1. But hang on, who’s land is it on the roadside? That hedge needed cutting back, as it was forcing you to close to the road as there is no path 🙁

    It was nice to be able to walk along there while it lasted, back to walking on the road again 🙁

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