Bovis Homes Victims Group – Reopens

EDIT: A second version of the BHVG has opened on Facebook following the original groups closure.

Please read these flyers in conjunction with the reopening.


Previous: 6 Aug 2018:

Just been informed that the Bovis Homes Victims Group website has closed, hence this info post.

I will be honest and admit I have never visited the website when it was active and consequently know nothing of its activities.

I wonder why it closed, was it gagged and the owner David Howard paid off? Or was it a natural conclusion of a lengthy campaign? I am sure there are those out there know much much more and may enlighten us.

Finally, who was the Upper Rissington representative and what did they do to help the owners of new Bovis property?

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4 thoughts on “Bovis Homes Victims Group – Reopens

  1. BHVG was a popular nationwide FB group that was helping more than 3500 frustrated and angry Bovis clients who were given a raw deal when they purchased their homes , suffering unacceptable poor quality building, excessive snagging with long delays and resistance to fix, gardens that were not fit for purpose as well as all sorts of other issues relating to scams that we too are likely to experience should they get away with handing over our Public Open Spaces to First Port. As a result of their outstanding work and high profile on TV and National Press as well as on Social Media Bovis were forced to set up the Bovis Home Buyers Panel as a PR stunt to counter BHVG.

    At one stage I was nominated to represent Upper Rissington but because I was closely aligned to BHVG myself, a Bovis supporter, who does not listen to the “moaners and groaners” was selected in my place! Thank goodness I am pleased to say as that group failed just like the URCLG has failed for similar reasons! Facts and Truth cannot be swept under the carpet! For those Linden and Bovis clients suffering these frustrations HORNET is another active group which is specialising on the Maintenance scams for the public Open Spaces and those living in flats and blocks like the Officers Mess where I understand there are issues bubbling up.

  2. Maybe, or was it Natalie Austin? It matters not, truth and facts are the only winners in the end!

  3. This is good news Jerry! BHVG2 is proceeding with a Group Class Action against Bovis for poor quality building and they are lobbying hard for Central Government to take responsibility for all public/communal Open spaces in Residential areas.

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