Boxing Day Hunt – 2016

Thousands of people crammed into Chipping Norton on Boxing Day to see off the Heythrop Hunt’s riders. They meet again over the festive season at Stow on the Wold on New Years Day.

The annual Boxing Day event packed out streets around the town hall as families came to see the horses and hounds.

The Heythrop Hunt have not been allowed to hunt foxes since 2004, when the national ban on hunting wild mammals came into force, and instead use a scent trail laid out in advance.

As per tradition, riders were given glasses of port by staff at The Fox pub before they set off shortly after 11am.

Pub manager Paul Hodgkinson said: “It’s a great tradition and we love taking part in it.”

Heythrop rider Tess Meredith Hardy, who lives near Chipping Norton, added: “It’s always great when it is lively, like today, and the horses love it.” Link to story.

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