Bright Lights – NOT!!

I’m unsure if anyone has noticed but our Street Lights on the Barrington Road were first installed a year ago. As yet they are not finished, which is unbelievable and tantamount to dangerous. The photographs are in sequence as you approach the village from the South. I pictured 15 unfinished lights and at least two were not photographed.

1) Notice paths blocked by Work in Progress fencing.
2) Cabling strewn over grass – are they live?
3) Lights not working.
4) Roundabout not marked with paint.
5) Paths not finished.

A couple of lights had their protection fence removed by the workmen and left them strewn over the pathways. My wife and I removed and collected them plus any waste and rope they left. Not uploaded those photographs.

If this situation was to occur in Bourton or Stowe or Buford this would not be allowed to happen.

Maybe our Parish Council can help? I have written to CDC, Highways and the Ward Councillor. What do you think? Is this a valid moan?

9 thoughts on “Bright Lights – NOT!!

  1. I was hoping that “Lights WIP – 15” would have been sorted out, as you are forced on to the road at one of the busier spots, with no path on the other side of the road.

  2. Agree – not ideal David.

    It’s interesting to note that the Street Lights are not working and the temporary lights on the roundabout have been removed. Which department is responsible for this nonsense, I wonder?

  3. The lights were supposed to be all done by 31st June but clearly they are not.
    This leaves the area very dangerous for all concerned.

  4. I have a similar set of photos from 2001/2002; nothing has changed, least of all, my expectations. Just 2 years to go and I will have spent 20 years living on a building site!

  5. Highways have been exceptional.

    This is what we now expect:

    Friday 24th July – Southern Electric to complete main connections.
    Tuesday 28th July – Developer to energise the whole Lighting system.

  6. I hope the path is then cleared, as I think it is far more dangerous having to walk out on to the road at one of the busier spots, than having lights.

  7. Well looks like 24th has been and gone and looks like no work done today.
    Might be wrong of course but will see if we have bright lights by the 28th 🙂

  8. Two years ago, they began fixing the street lights on the Barrington Road and as yet all do not work. What’s also extremely dangerous is that the illuminated keep left bollards that are also inoperative.

    Meanwhile, take a stroll round Victory Fields at night and you will find it very difficult to navigate yourself round the humps and bumps.

    Furthermore, the street lights located are not to the published plan and they do not work. What worries me is that Linbo are planning to lay top coat Tarmac in areas where the lights do not work. We all know what this means, DIG IT UP and destroy the tarmac to find the cables. I therefore hope the lights are fixed, before the tarmac is laid.

    Please, please Linbo fix them before you lay the tarmac.

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