Building 10 – Officers Mess

New drawings have been proposed in June for the above building conversions. The drawings will be uploaded at the foot of the post. See Link to Planning Portal.

This is the accompanying statement:


It should be noted that Gould Singleton Architects proposed drawings accompanying this application have been laid out to match the original submission drawings by IDP (uploaded) so that the drawings can be read in conjunction with each other and can be compared ‘side by side’.

Building 10 – Officers Mess Floor Plans – Drawing 16-1547/600a

The overall number of dwellings within this building has been increased from 14 Units to 16 Units. This has been done to enable enhanced layouts within the East and West Wings where the overall number of dwellings has been reduced by 2 Units. This has meant an overall balance retaining the 64 residential units allowed under the Planning Permission.

The original 2 end units are altered from 3 storey, 4 bed town houses to a 3 bed duplex unit and 1 bed apartment.

Generally minor internal alterations have been made to retain existing structure, concrete upper floors and supporting beams.



Building 10 – Officers Mess Elevations – Drawing 16-1547/601a

Minimal alterations to the previously approved elevational treatments.

The entrance doors to the dwellings have been rationalised to suit the existing openings with glazed side screens and fanlights. This has enabled the existing feature brick voussoirs and feature stone detailing to be retained.

The windows have been designed to suit the style and proportions of the existing
building with consideration given to the design of the windows recently installed in the
completed Building 45 conversion by Linden Homes.

The windows on the Internal East and West elevations have been infilled in facing brickwork to match existing, these brickwork panels will be recessed by 10mm. This is required to comply with Building Regulation requirements for fire and unprotected areas adjacent to boundaries. This will also prevent any overlooking between dwellings. French doors and glazed fanlights have been added to the rear elevation to rationalise the existing openings at Ground Floor level and provide additional natural daylight into the dwellings.



Building 10 – East Wing Floor Plans – Drawing 16-1547/602

As noted above the overall number of dwellings has been reduced from 11 Units to 10 Units to rationalise the layouts with the existing front elevation window positions. The reduction in number of units allows improved layouts with more useable floor space and improved widths within each residential dwelling.

As there are no opportunities for windows to the Ground Floor front elevation the living areas have been relocated to the rear of the units to provide adequate natural daylight and ventilation.


Building 10 – East Wing Elevations – Drawing 16-1547/603

Minimal alterations to the previously approved elevational treatments. The entrance doors to the dwellings have been altered to incorporate a glazed fanlight over so as to retain the existing openings and proportions with feature brick voussoirs retained above. The windows and doors to the rear elevation have been rationalised to suit existing opening positions and heights and allow the retention of the feature brick voussoirs above.



Building 10 – West Wing Floor Plans – Drawing 16-1547/604

Identical changes as noted above for the East Wing.


Building 10 – West Wing Elevations – Drawing 16-1547/605 
Identical changes as noted above for the East Wing.



Officers Mess Layout