Bus Shelter on Barrington Road

3 thoughts on “Bus Shelter on Barrington Road

  1. Just offered to dismantle and remove this FOC on Thursday to save the PC some cash. In fact save the community.

    Parish Clerk replied and said it will be removed by a contractor very soon. Excellent.

  2. Not quite sure why that is “excellent” on two counts:

    1) How many things will be just removed because they have been vandalised!
    2) The PC are offered FOC to dismantle and remove but no, they want to pay a contractor?

  3. David as we heard it was removed. However, I don’t understand why the amount quoted does not match the quote mentioned in PC minutes.

    We need clarity, not confusion!

    As you said I could have removed it FOC.

    Dawn Laird in correspondence to me did not appreciate I have PLI, would not have volunteered if I had not. I then asked do others who volunteer to help the Council – I did not get a straight answer? They are not winning my trust I’m afraid, in fact to date the opposite.

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