Badhams Pharmacy

On Wednesday 8th March Cotswold District Councillor, Mark Mackenzie-Cherrington and Dr Nigel Moor (Gloucestershire County Councillor) officially launched the final stage of building work on the new parade of shops at Victory Fields in Upper Rissington.

The event took place in front of Parish Councillor Jason Corban (Chairman), Parish Councillor Andrew MacLean, Liz Bannister Head Teacher and two pupils from Upper Rissington Primary School.

Both county councillors have worked tirelessly with active support from the primary school, parish council and local residents for several years to develop community services in the village.

Mark MacKenzie-Charrington commented;

“It is with great pride that I have been in some way, on behalf of the residents of Upper Rissington, able to achieve a very satisfactory outcome for this growing community. Initially it looked as if NHS England were not going to authorise Badham pharmacy to open a dispensing pharmacy, however with persistence over 18 months we succeeded in overcoming objections therefore ensuring that Upper Rissington will have a much needed facility and become more a sustainable community. My particular thanks on behalf of the Parish Council go to Peter Badham of Badham Pharmacy who might well have walked away after repeated rejections and County Councillor Dr Nigel Moor who was able to ‘open doors’ for us.”

Dr Nigel Moor added;

“I was very pleased to be able to work with my district council colleague so as to demonstrate that the significant growth of Upper Rissington requires an improvement in the community facilities available. I look forward to Badham Pharmacy offering a wide ranging health services to my division.”

Last week Badham Pharmacy completed purchase of the retail units. From 2nd May the company will start providing a full NHS pharmacy service from Unit 2 located in the new shopping parade. The purpose built pharmacy will house two private consultation rooms to enable patients to have discussions with a trained pharmacist about their medicine usage or to access a range of free health checks. The pharmacy will provide a range of other services including access to urgent repeat medication and treatment for minor ailments free of charge (subject to criteria and a consultation with a pharmacist). The pharmacy will also serve local patients who cannot physically visit the premises by providing a free delivery service and dedicated medication dispensing for care homes in the area.

Peter Badham, Managing Director said;

“We’re really excited that we’re finally able to provide healthcare services to the community of Upper Rissington. The pharmacy is now being prepared, ready to provide a raft of services to help residents in the locality from 2nd May.

“The community worked very hard under the leadership of both Councillors [Mark MacKenzie-Charrington and Dr Nigel Moor], who ensured that a pharmacy contract was granted to provide services to this growing community. Without question the support from these councillors was fundamental to Badham Pharmacy being awarded a contract to provide these essential services.”

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