Don Carter Holistic Therapy

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Have you ever wanted to enjoy a wonderful body massage? One that is totally relaxing and leaves you feeling revitalised, recharged, yet peaceful, even cleansed?

In these ever more stressful times, many people recognise the benefits of Massage therapies. They appreciate how much it can help restore balance in our hectic lives. Yet, hesitation about the type of massage available and concerns about their bodies sometimes prevents people from arranging a massage.

I am a fully qualified & insured Holistic therapist with diploma’s in Holistic Massage & Indian Head Massage. I am also a western and Japanese Reiki Master-Teacher. I am passionate about holistic therapies and want to continue to learn and discover new practises.

I specialise in massage for people of all ages, shapes and sizes. I understand that some may feel a little reserved about having a massage and knowing that my first consideration is to put you at ease. Usually the client concerned completely forgets that they had any reservations to begin with and I am sure it can be the same for you.

Its best we talk over your needs and then together we can decide on the method that suits you personally. I am certain that with the appropriate massage I can help improve your blood circulation, and release any body tension and discomfort. My aim is to leave you with a marvellous feeling of well being.