The Dawn Laird Roadshow – 8th November 2017

Parish Council Meeting (a.k.a The Dawn Laird Roadshow. When: 8th November 2017 Where: Upper Rissington Village Hall Time: 19:30 Agenda: Parish Council Agenda – 8th November 2017 Payments List – 8th November 2017 Payments List (Additional) – 8th November 2017 Audio Minutes […]

Parish Council Meeting – 11 Oct ’17

Parish Council Meeting – 11 Oct ’17 at 19:30. Parish Council Meeting Agenda – 11 October 2017 Payments List – 11 October 2017 Yet another meeting without a clerk and yet another that has a PRIVATE SESSION. Some Agenda items […]

Parish Council Meeting – 9 Aug’ 17 @ 1930

There is a Parish Council Meeting scheduled on the 9th August 2017. Time: 19:30 Where: Upper Rissington Village Hall Agenda and Payments List:   Parish Council Meeting Agenda – 9th August 2017 Payment List – 9th August 2017 Parish Council Draft […]

PC Audio Minutes – 31 Aug 2017

The Cllr Hanks and Cllr Laird show! A very clear recording from last nights Parish Council Meeting. The following are some time lines worth viewing. 03.16 – D. Arnold resignation. Letter not read out. 06.45 – Karen Milroy – asking […]

Parish Council Meeting – 31 July 17 @ 1930

There is a Parish Council Meeting scheduled on the 31st July 2017. Time: 19:30 (The meetings should also be listed as Extraordinary). Parish Council Meeting Agenda – 31 July 2017 Retrospective Payments List – 31 July 2017 – Appendix 2.1 Payments […]

Annual Parish Meeting: 25th May ’17

The Annual Parish Meeting is scheduled on 25th May 2017 at 7pm, according to the VHT Hallmaster website. Agenda for Annual Parish Meeting – 25th May 2017 Information from CPALC. This is the meeting where the URPC invite the public […]

Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting – 28th April ’17

Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting – 28th April 2017 at 19:30 (rescheduled from the 24th) is scheduled in the Village Hall (on the assumption the meeting takes place). Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting Agenda – 24th April 2017 The hope is that […]

CX – Extraordinary PC Meeting – 24th Mar at 09:30am – CX

An extraordinary meeting is planned on the 24th. Extraordinary, if it takes place!!!! Please NOTE the TIME! Cancelled at 09:30 on the day of the meeting due to lack of councillors. Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting Agenda – 24th March 2017

4 out of 11 PC Meetings CX – Co-Option Needed!

This year to date, Upper Rissington Parish Council have scheduled ten Parish Council Meetings and one Annual Meeting of the Parish and only four have taken place. YES FOUR out of ELEVEN. Amended 28th April to reflect the latest cancellations. There are important Agenda […]

CANX – Extraordinary URPC Meeting – 21 March ’17 – CANX

Extraordinary URPC Meeting on Tuesday 21st March 2017 at 7.30pm meeting is cancelled (20 March 2017. A reschedule is planned for 24th March. Agenda: Parish Council Meeting Agenda – 21st March 2017 I imagine the big question on everybody’s mind; “will this one […]

Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting – 27th Feb ’17

There will be an Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting – Agenda 27th Feb 2017. Payments List – 27th February 2017 Due to the lack of attendance by local government representatives the last council meeting was cancelled, hence an extraordinary meeting for important […]

Audio Minutes for URPC Meeting – 9 Jan 2017

If you have the time please listen to the following Audio File form the last URPC meeting on the 9th January. I apologise for the initial background noise. Parish Council Meeting Audio File – 9th January 2017 Firstly, I would […]

Parish Council Meeting – 9th January ’17

There is a scheduled Parish Council Meeting on Monday 9th January 2017 at 7.30 pm. The published Agenda: Parish Council Meeting Agenda – 9th Jan 2017 Attached Payments List for 9th Jan 2017. How much longer should the electorate have to contend with […]

CANX – Extraordinary Meeting of UPRC – 22 Dec ’16 – CANX

Scheduled for Thursday 22nd December 2016 at 4.00pm. Click to view: Agenda for Extraordinary Council Meeting – 22nd December 2016 This council meeting is now cancelled through lack of councillors. Only three of the six are required.  Items for discussion […]