Wonderful looking trees on A.P.Ellis (Kitty Hawk)

What is the name of these trees on A.P.Ellis road, they look beautiful in the Spring? Oh, do we have any Pagans in UR, seen a few rings of stone around trees? Copyright protected by Digiprove © 2018

Bird Boxes and the cold snap.

Bird Box above – just bought 3 for our garden. The information below is from the RSPB. Met Office predict freezing temperatures in some parts of the UK this week As birds struggle to survive the cold snap, your garden […]

Tree Survey does not match TPO system.

At the Parish Council Meeting on 13th December chaired by Marc Buffrey positive progress was made on the issue of trees, especially those that require work in the older part of the village. Marc promised the council will conduct a […]

Light Pollution in the countryside!

I have noticed since back in UR, how intense the lights are at the back as well as the front of the shopping complex in our village. What is more they are illuminated all night long, is this truly necessarily? […]

Stop the Blot

Seizing vehicles must become the default penalty for fly-tipping as part of tougher punishments for waste crime. That is one of a number of proposals on how to deal with fly-tipping, put forward by the Country Land and Business Association […]

Water in the Attenuation Pond

The attenuation pond has been slightly remodelled and now contains water. Lots of brown pictures. 🙂 🙂 This pond was intended to supply grey water to the development (for flushing toilets). There has been a delivery of pipes and storage […]

You don’t need a scientist to know what’s causing the sixth mass extinction

I read the article below and wanted to share with everyone. More proof that we cannot continue the appetite for economic growth and ever increasing population. You don’t need a scientist to know what’s causing the sixth mass extinction by […]

Poppy Fields of UR

Last weekend was Armed Forces Day and the poppies in the local fields reminded me of that day. I would like to thank David Harrison for inspiring me to cycle down to Great Barrington and then on to Taynton before […]

Landscaping on VF

The area East of the Cooperative towards the School is being strimmed ready for landscaping. The plans being used are believed to be the 2016 version which is not passed (not the original 2013). Plus the pathway on the Airfield […]

Victory Fields – Grey Water (FIXED)

It would appear that VF grey water supply is sporadic or none existent at the moment! There are many reports of inadequate pressure to flush toilets or water gardens.  The attenuation pond was designed to supply this water, however for […]

Rural fly-tipping incidents on the rise

Info from RSN On-line. Fly-tipping incidents are on the rise – with more rubbish being illegally dumped in rural areas. Local authorities dealt with 936,000 fly-tipping incidents in 2015/16, according to the latest government statistics. This represents a 4% per […]

Brighter Days ahead – LEDS!!

LED street lighting The following information is from the GDC. In Gloucestershire we have around 60,000 streetlights which consume around 20.5GWh of power each year at a cost of £2 million. Electricity costs are rising sharply, and we are spending […]

A bats life………

Interesting to know that the black slots in the centre two windows are for bats to enter and exit the building. Kind of puts me off! What about you? Bat Conservation Trust.

Dog Fouling in Upper Rissington

The situation in the village is now becoming intolerable. The most worrying aspect is for those playing sports on the communal area where fouling is becoming a danger to human life. Maybe the URPC could give access to their CCTV […]

What Land?

Parish Council Land Ownership History: Nearly three years ago the URPC conducted a survey to discover what land was actually owned by the Council and what belonged to individuals. At the time the surveyor (S. Escreet) reported his findings, which was not […]

UR Tree Maintenance Application

The Parish Clerk, Debbie Hill submitted planning permission to Cotswold District Council for tree maintenance at Upper Rissington on 19th September 2016* Town and Country Trees, Paul Hodkinson is the contractor. The attached document does not mention when the time Datum begins for the scheduled work.  […]

Rural Network

A website worth your time perusing. Click Here. The Rural Services Network (RSN) represents the interests of rural service providers and their rural communities in England. The RSN: • Makes representations on issues affecting rural services • Promotes active networking […]

The Rissington Peaks….

The development has constructed three man made mountains that will require removal before the site is finished by Bovis/Lindon. The last few houses are being completed and will be ready for occupation very soon. One “mountain” is next to the new […]

The case of the Missing Dog Bin

A plea from Upper Rissington Parish Council. A new dog waste bin was erected at Sandy Lane Court last Wednesday. This was either knocked over or pulled out before it had time to set. The bin has now been removed […]