After Rissington Unite – the URPC response!

Thankfully this village has people who are trying to encourage CDC and the developers to leave the Victory Fields to the standard outlined in the 2013 S106 document. Without, Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, Cllr Nigel Moor and extremely passionate residents of Victory […]

Business Units to a Nursery to Houses to Business Units!

I am very surprised to report that the planning for the new business units and their revised location as reported by Cllr Mark Mackenzie-Charrington recently has not appeared on the planning portal. In short the circle is now complete: The Delfin […]

The NHBC guarantee & Bovis?

Link to story. Johanna Leonard was set to live the retirement dream. After 35 years the 57-year-old finance worker sold her north London home and bought in the small town of Chudleigh, Devon, with far-reaching views over Dartmoor. The five-bedroom, […]

Bovis receives 2 takeover offers.

Bovis shares are risen more than 10% in afternoon trading after it received two potential takeover offers. From  The housebuilder said it had turned down the separate approaches from Redrow and Galliford Try, but that talks with the latter […]

Bovis Homes and the Daily Mail

I noticed this story regarding Bovis Homes today with respect to other building sites. Is this story in any way applicable to Victory Fields in regard to finish of new homes? Or is it a typical piece of Mail journalism? My gut feeling […]

Open Space Meeting

There will be a “private” meeting with Bovis and Linden in the evening of the 11th August in the new Village Hall off Wellington Road to discuss Open Spaces. Once the real landscaping begins we will have some fantastic facilities in […]

Building 10 Planning Documents (Officers Mess)

New drawings have been proposed in June for the above building conversions. The drawings will be uploaded at the foot of the post. See Link to Planning Portal. This is the accompanying statement: RESUME OF MINOR CHANGES It should be […]

Building 41 Planning Documents (Med Centre)

New drawings have been proposed in June for the above building conversion. The drawings will be uploaded at the foot of each sub section. See Link to Planning Portal. This is the accompanying information: Building 41 – Floor Plans – […]

Building 42 (Station HQ) conversion has begun!

The conversion of what was Building 42 (Old Station Headquarters) into homes has begun. New drawings have been proposed in June for the above building conversions. The drawings will be uploaded at the foot of the post. See Link to […]

Paths, Sports Field, Orchard and Play Parks.

For those that want to know where the LEAP, NEAP, pathways, cycle paths, open spaces, allotments, tennis courts, playing fields and bowling greens are going to be located – download the document below. The images are extracts from the PDF […]

Developer Minutes – 19th June 2015

A month after this meeting took place we now have the pleasure of seeing the minutes the Parish Council paid Lois Stock to take at £20 per hour. Well worth all parties reading them. Interesting ideas and no commitment by […]

Victory Fields Q and A

I asked CDC, namely Deborah Smith (DS), from the Planning Department of CDC a few minor questions. Here is her response on some of the issues raised. 1) Mitchell Way: I mentioned it should have been completed after 25 houses […]

KIER Site Visit – 16 July ’14

Thanks to all at KIER for allowing the parishioners to visit the two new impressive community buildings in their very early stages of construction. Both look absolutely impressive and both are on schedule for a February 2015 finish. Invalid Displayed […]

RMC and Upper Rissington Security

We have been reliably informed that RMC will no longer exist very soon. Obviously the grass cutting duties will fall to Bovis / Linden and who they plan to contract to do this. Furthermore, the Business park security is also […]

Victory Fields

Cotswold District Council have approved the plans for 368 new homes at Upper Rissington. The new housing development at Upper Rissington will be known as Victory Fields. For more information click these links: Linden or Bovis. Please be aware that […]

CDC Planning Meeting – 9th January 2013

Please be aware that there is a final planning meeting regarding the UR development on the 9th January. Here are the important documents that they will be reviewing. I don’t know who is representing the village from the PC as […]

Have your say on the Development!

In February 2010, outline planning consent was granted for: • 368 new homes • Up to 3,140sqm of non-residential and leisure facilities • Up to 2,050 sqm of shops • Up to 7,100 sqm of office space • Conversion of […]

Bovis / Linden Consultations

With the plans for the Village Hall about to undergo the Planning Process. Obviously, other major buildings won’t be very far behind in this process – School – Shops and then the housing. But before anything starts the basic infrastructure […]

Bovis and Linden Homes

The rumour looks like coming to fruition. The Reland business area will come under Bovis and Linden homes control in the Autumn. Which means that the development will go ahead when final planning is submitted. The above was mentioned at […]

Inconsistent Grass Cutting

Really pleased to see that the grass has ben cut at least twice in the village. The council have also cut the verges today and the blind spot near the junction that leads down to Bourton-on-the-Water. However, really disappointed to […]

Gladedale Development Meeting – 14th March 2011

All information has been supplied by Nicholas Mason. Parish Council – Upper Rissington. See Contacts. Please note that there will be an Open Meeting with the developers next Monday, 14 March, to discuss the development. You may already be aware […]

2011 – Reland Begin Work

Another year older and it’s 2011 the year Reland start work on the project at Upper Rissington. First is the upgraded infrastructure for the whole site, I quote from Reland late last year: Present plans means that work could start […]

Development Update – 23rd August @ the Village Hall

There is a meeting in the Village Hall at 0730pm on Monday 23 August by the developers (Gladedale). They will be outlining the planned infrastructure work to be undrtaken before any construction begins. Present plans means that work could start […]