No Play Parks in Upper Rissington

Picture is of the condemned Park. Upper Rissington has a housing stock of nearly 800 homes, with the consequent amount of young children, you would expect at least two or three open play parks, currently there are none. The existing […]

Debbie Hill – Tewkesbury Town Clerk

Picture: J.Flint – depicts David Arnold, Debbie Hill, Brian Hanks and Dawn Laird. I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate Debbie Hill who is now the Tewkesbury Town Council Clerk and RFO. Isn’t it ironical that Cllr Laird […]

Parish Council Vacancy (URPC)

If anyone in the parish would like an election to fill the vacancy, they will need to collect 10 signatures and send them to the Returning Officer at Cotswold District Council by 30 January 2018. All signatories must be on […]

PC Grounds Maintenance Contract – 2018-20

Below is the advertisement promised by the PC at the last council meeting. The hedge cutting for this season was agreed at the December PC meeting. Comprehensive contract stating the actual dates of the 17 planned cuts. Tenders are invited to […]

Another PC Election Opportunity?

A fantastic opportunity for anyone wishing to stand for Upper Rissington Council could arrive, rather than Co-Option after Rosie Webbers resignation. Nigel Adams previously said in the Summer:- To reflect there being one vacancies the vacancy will be filled by […]

Harris Gardens / Grebe Square – Health & Safety

The following pictures are from Karen Milroy and explain the situation. The pictures show that the weight of the snow has broken numerous branches, making the paths and roads dangerous and thus are a consequent health and safety hazard. The […]

December issue of the Bourton Times!

Bourton on the Times December Edition features a report by Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP on the meeting he had on the 3rd November in the Upper Rissington Village Hall. The extract is not yet on line. Click here to download all […]

CDC allocates £200,000 for community projects.

Release date: 19 October 2017 Members of Cotswold District Council have today agreed to allocate £200,000 to a long-standing Community Projects Fund which helps local residents update community buildings and invest in play facilities for children. The scheme awards projects […]

URPC announce a Clerk

URPC after a gentle nudge announce the new clerk. Pauline Rigby Below is an extract from her Linkedn Profile: She is a town councillor at Northleach and Eastington Town Council since May 2011.  After 10 years experience in business-to-business publishing […]

Resignation of URPC

I am sure most people are aware that recently a petition circulated the village requesting the Parish Council to resign. I am also aware that it did reach everyone in the village, so there maybe more signatories to add to […]

Parish Council Noticeboard

Here is the Noticeboard agreed under the Chairmanship of Edward Timms and supplied 3 years later at an exorbitant cost of £2500. Good to see the councillors wasting Linbo money this time and not our own. On a positive note […]

Proposals for Constituency Boundary Changes

Source: URPC website. The independent Boundary Commission for England (BCE) has published revised proposals for new Parliamentary constituencies, including the Cotswolds. The publication marks the start of eight weeks of public consultation, during which the Commission is inviting feedback to […]

Fire Hydrant concerns by URPC!

I am amazed that this Parish Council are attempting to get involved at the 12th hour on LinBo business. They have published a statement which has very little bearing today. Click here to read the statement signed by the Acting […]

Is this fraud? Or paranoia?

URPC, appear to have some very strange accounting procedures, which require further explanation to the public, otherwise fraud could be suspected. M. Flint asked on the meeting of the 11th October a question about £650 with respect to a proposed […]

Anyone for Ping Pong?

The concrete Table Tennis table courtesy of the URPC and promoted by Cllr D.Laird has arrived and looks splendid in the play park. Believed to cost close to £4000 (will check the real cost later and amend as necessary). Now, […]

URPC – Annual Return 2016/17

Would like to thank Debbie Hill for doing a great job preparing the return and the Acting Clerk D.Laird for final completion. URPC accounts and expenditure for 2016/17 Annual Return Summary Statement – 2016-2017 Annual Return Audit Report – 2016-17 […]

URPC Election – 19 Oct 2017

Release date: 11 September 2017 An election for two councillors for Upper Rissington parish council will take place on Thursday 19 October 2017. The Notice of Election has now been published and nomination papers are available to download.  Paper copies can […]

GAPTC – Cheque Numbers – Financials from URPC!

Three months ago, the question was asked why have cheque numbers been deleted from the publicised payments list? After numerous requests from Nigel Adams and myself to ask why, eventually I received this reply from Cllr Laird: “Can you for clarity […]

PC website launched!

I think all of us are fed up of reading about Upper Rissington Parish Council on this website. I have therefore decided to concentrate information on it’s own website: Hope you like the way forward. NB: Nothing will be […]

Parish Clerk Required

At the meeting of the 31st July of the Parish Council agreed the following. Clerk: (i)  To authorize the Acting Clerk to liaise with GAPTC to determine the pay scale and number of hours needed for the Clerk’s role – […]

URPC Election opportunity!

A fantastic opportunity for anyone wishing to stand for election for Upper Rissington Council has arisen.  Notify Nigel Adams before 21 August 2017 and once he has 10 local government electors, there will be an election to take place not […]

Debbie Hill – the Truth and not the PR job!

This story is also posted here. It is emerging that Upper Rissington Parish Council, managed the removal of Debbie Hill from her position as the newly qualified Parish Clerk at great expense to the village, rumoured to be in excess […]

Two Parish Council Vacancies

Nigel Adams, said he will have handed over paperwork to fill two Parish Council vacancies for advertisement today. Below is how the returning officer Nigel Adams, explained the situation at the Parish Council Meeting on 31st July 2017: What I […]

TRUST – you have to earn it?

Below is the Agenda and Payments list for the next Parish Council Meeting. Parish Council Meeting Agenda – 31 July 2017 Retrospective Payments List – 31 July 2017 – Appendix 2.1 Payments List – 31 July 2017 – Appendix 2.2 […]