Drug Paraphernalia & Suspicious Vehicles

PCSO 9251 Charlie Symes I would like residents to remain especially vigilant from 6pm till 9pm around the park in the centre of Upper Rissington for anyone using any drug especially if they are around vehicles. And to, if safe […]

Neighbourhood Development Plan Meeting – 15 Aug @ 07.30pm

A Meeting is to be held on Tuesday 15th August at Upper Rissington Village Hall at 7.30pm. Upper Rissington Neighbourhood Development Plan Questionnaire Click LINK for survey. Please complete the Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) questionnaire so that we can identify the expectations and needs […]

U.R. Neighbourhood Development Plan Survey

Please click this link and complete the on-line survey, it will not take you very long to complete: U.R. Neighbourhood Development Plan Survey The on-line link is on this website and the http://www.upperrissington-developmentplan.co.uk site. It is also linked on FB […]

NDP Meeting on 3rd July at 07:30pm

A Meeting is to be held on Monday 3rd July at Upper Rissington Village Hall at 7.30pm to launch and distribute the Neighbourhood Development Plan Questionnaire to be completed by all residents by 31st August.  The purpose of the Questionnaire […]

NALC urges government to stand firm on neighbourhood planning!

NALC urges the government to stand firm against certain developer forces that seem to want to ride roughshod against the wishes of communities. Recently a consortium of developers have formally launched a legal challenge to overturning the government’s move to […]

Parish Plan Update

Upper Rissington Parish Plan – Progress Report March 2013 Thanks to everyone that completed the Parish Questionnaire last year. As a result of you taking the time and trouble to give us your views we’re able to base the Parish Plan […]

A Community led Parish Plan for Upper Rissington.

A request from the Parish Council. A plan produced by the community setting out a vision for Upper Rissington’s future. This plan suggests projects and developments to meet local needs. It would mean everyone is offered a chance to raise […]