Do you take photographs?

Gloucester Archives announced this photographic competition on 10 April 2018. A special competition is now open to find three photographs which celebrate the beauty of our local landscape. Gloucestershire Archives gathers keeps and shares documents relating to Gloucestershire and South […]

Mini “Beast” strikes again!

Just a small selection of pictures. The arterial roads into Upper Rissington are being ploughed in an effort to keep them open. If your concern is about a public right of way, then report it here: Gloucester Road Status Copyright protected by Digiprove © 2018

Rissi’ Mountain the Third is being removed!

Really pleased to report the final Rissi mountain is biting the dust. You will also notice the Officers Mess construction compound is being emptied, before it is finally removed. The photographs, also show the road works on Delfin Way and […]

The Village on the Hill

In the areas South Side (VF) is complete, there are some beautiful views. Interesting to see a home with grey windows and not the usual green or cream. I am hoping Wellington Road and the Attenuation Pond are completed very […]

Rissi Kart Club – Round 2 – 22 Apr ’17

I visited the Kart track with my wife on our bikes, still worth a visit on Sunday, there is some very quick racing. We also photographed a Red Kite wheeling round during the event. Visit their website here:

Bollards on Longmore Path (was Avenue)

At long last the developers have added bollards on the Longmmore pathway to prevent motor vehicular access. They are made of plastic and I am unsure how they are secured into the ground. Two of them appear rather loose. Nevertheless, […]

Aerial Pictures – 27 Dec ’16

Check out these aerial pictures supplied by Mike Grierson taken yesterday (27th December 2016). No words are required, the changes to the site are very dramatic. Happy New Year. NB: Link to Mike Griersons Pelican Radio Website. Link to all […]