The beautiful Longmore Avenue – the Walk

The beautiful Longmore Avenue stitches all three parts of the village together. The pictures run sequentially from Mitchell Way (South) and to what is virtually Hawker Square (adjacent to West Wing). There is also a video.  Copyright protected by Digiprove © 2018

POS – 17/04151/FUL – 6 June (last update)

17/04151/FUL | Variation of condition 1 of reserved matters permission 12/03810/REM dated 23/01/2013 to provide detailed plans and sections of open space provision and to provide amended plans for hard surfacing and planting | Land Parcel At Upper Rissington Upper […]

UR Tree Management

7 Feb 2018 Below is an extract from the UR Parish Council Minutes dated 7 February 2018. Has there been any progress since? Tree Management: A group of Parish-owned Cockspur Thorn trees on Harris Gardens are in decline due to […]

Footpaths – have your say today!

Andrew Maclean will be meeting the Gloucestershire Local Access Forum Footpath Group at 10am. Where: Village Hall on Thursday 7th June. Why: To consider the proposal of the footpath along the edge of the airbase. Any residents are welcome to […]

Road Markings – Grass – Tennis Courts

Pictures showing that the newly tarmacked roads of Victory Fields now sport road markings. There is a picture of the newly cut grass by Rissington  Management Company behind the Village Hall (thanks again to Max Flint for asking for this […]

Update: Rissington Lake

Second liner in place and now coated with top soil. 31 May 2018 The liner is nearly in place. Next the water and the fish…….this is one awesome lake! 29 May 2018 We are pleased to report that the Attenuation […]

Longmore – Kitty Hawk – Mitchell X’ing

As you can see, construction work is going ahead today on the Longmore crossing with Kitty Hawk Road. I’ve added a picture that David Harrison supplied that highlights Kitty Hawk Road. The PDF below shows how Kitty Hawk (A.P.Ellis) looks […]

WOW – Bourton Junction

WOW – Bourton Junction – fantastic improvement. Pleased to report that the Bourton Junction has been cut by Highways. Looks much better and further more its now safer for car drivers whose visibility was reduced by long grass. This, along […]

Coppicing Woodland promotes wild flowers…..

Four years ago I sought LinBo’s permission to coppice the exit on Wellington Road. Unfortunately, I could not shred the cut wood. I also see Steve from the Rissington Management Company has also coppiced, unfortunately he doesn’t have access to […]

UR – The Forgotten Village (the annual observation)

The Forgotten Village or is it the Green, Green Grass of Home? I have just arrived in the village and cannot believe how long the grass is. I was brought up on a farm and it won’t be long before […]

Public Open Space: Shops & School

Updated: 7 May 2018 The Open space between the school and shops is being landscaped. They will cut all the stray saplings and plant according to the open space plan. Originally, an orchard was planned in this area. Planting Plan […]

V.F. & Public Open Space

This is a message primarily aimed at the home owners in Victory Fields. It’s in all our interests to sign in and complete our contact details in the campaign tool. By doing so you will let Councillors Mark Mackenzie-Charrington and […]

POS – a positive from CDC

Below is a document that appeared on the planning portal for application number 04/17_04151_FUL on the 3rd April 2018. On-Site Link. There are some real positives in this document. Just a quick read and you see that Deborah Smith, is […]

Ubico – awarded the Ground Maintenance Contract

Spring is on its way and very soon the grass in the village will require maintenance. The Parich Councillors awarded the contract to Ubico, because they were the cheapest by a long way. I sincerely hope that means they provide […]

First Port will manage VF Public Open Space

Below is an extract from the UR Community Liaison Group Meeting held in February at CDC. Therefore, until further progress is made an interim management company First Port will be managing the Open Spaces, not managed by URPC, this includes the […]

The “Rissington River”

Just in case anyone wasn’t aware, I would like to report that Upper Rissington has a River on top of the “Bunds”. Unsure what type of fishing is available, Trout or Salmon. Of course as we all know, water should […]

The VF – Community Infrastructure Levy

Below is an article from the Wilts and Standard On-in News. The gist is that the developer is upset about an anonymous letter whistle blowing their Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL). The backlash against the CIL underlines the degree of mistrust […]

The crossing of Longmore (Kitty Hawk Walk)?

The construction of a road crossing of Longmore (Kitty Hawk Walk) to what was A.P.Ellis has stopped, until more research takes place on whether they need to continue with the current design. There are residents who would prefer a rethink […]