17/03765/FUL | Erection of new attached dwelling – REFUSED

17/03765/FUL | Erection of new attached dwelling | 4 Hawker Square Upper Rissington Cheltenham Gloucestershire GL54 2NT The above planning application was refused for a number of reasons, 17/03765/FUL.  This document explains the refusal. However, below is a highlight that […]

Access to Kitty Hawk Walk

A revised access to Kitty Hawk Walk is being constructed and it’s expected to have its layer of tarmacadam very soon. The only question we have is will the Longmore crossing still exist? EDIT: 23 February 2018 – Tarmac laid […]

RAF100 Celebrations.

Below are some of the events from the RAF100 celebrations. Visit the RAF100 website here:  https://www.raf.mod.uk/raf100/ 100 OPEN COCKPITS AND CABS (FEBRUARY) London and Cosford will be offering visitors the rare and exciting chance to get a… 100 OPEN COCKPITS […]

Playpark Condemned

Updated: 28 January 2018: Playpark Condemned. Awaiting funding for a new park. This notice is on the Parish Council website in November 2017: Repairs are needed to two items of equipment in the Play Park. Until these repairs can be […]

Village Walkabout – 28 Jan 18

Main Points: Harris Gardens – leaves cleaned. Barrington Road – hedge cut and verges trimmed. Proctor / Slingsby / Sparrow / Mitchell – raised tables. Lutyens Court – named and tidied. Nursery – work restarted. Spitfire and Valiant – being […]

The “Rissington River”

Just in case anyone wasn’t aware, I would like to report that Upper Rissington has a River on top of the “Bunds”. Unsure what type of fishing is available, Trout or Salmon. Of course as we all know, water should […]

VF – Public Open Space – CDC Portal – Oct ’17 (Amended Dec ’17)

Public Open Space – Play Areas / Trim Trail – Planning Application: 17/04151/FUL from this website link. Please make your comments by 16th November 2017. You can discuss this topic in more detail here. Covering Letter 17_04151_FUL-COVERING_LETTER-1134549 17_04151_FUL-PLAYSPACE_OVERVIEW-1133010 17_04151_FUL-TRIM_TRAIL-1132972 17_04151_FUL-LEAP_01_-_COUNTRY_PARK-1132966 […]

13 December 2017 – PC Meeting Wash-Up

Todays meeting went exceptionally well, all Agenda items were properly discussed before being approved and we will wait for the PC Agenda for the feed back for once – with only a few minor exceptions. The Play Park is completely […]

UR – 26 possible new houses – WEST of the village

Revised planning permission for the “Land Parcel Between Sandy Lane Court And Southgate Court, Sandy Lane Court, Upper Rissington, Gloucestershire”. For the erection of 26 dwellings with landscaping, vehicular access, pumping station and all associated works. See 17/04587/FUL application received […]

Sandy Court – has building begun?

Below are photographs of a building being built behind Sandy Court. I cannot find where the location of the foundations relates to the plans. However, what can be found on the CDC planning portal are plans for a 6 bay single […]

Business Units to a Nursery to Houses to Business Units!

I am very surprised to report that the planning for the new business units and their revised location as reported by Cllr Mark Mackenzie-Charrington recently has not appeared on the planning portal. In short the circle is now complete: The Delfin […]

Public Open Spaces Planning Application 17/04151/FUL

Public Open Spaces Planning Application 17/04151/FUL Please use this as a template if necessary. You can discus the topic here if required. We object, in principle, to the proposals currently submitted as they are not in accordance with the approved […]

Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP – Newsletter

Below is an extract from MP Geoffrey Clifton-Browns Newsletter dated 26 October 2017, the full version can be downloaded here Council Meetings On to the Cotswold District Council (CDC) in Cirencester to meet constituents from Upper Rissington, County Councillor Nigel […]

Agenda for Public Meeting on 3rd Nov

Public Meeting – Victory Fields Upper Rissington Friday 3rd November 6.00pm Village Hall Wellington Road to be chaired by Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP FRICS. Picture: Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP Below are a list of 50 questions to be submitted to Bovis Homes, […]

PC Payments List Discrepancies!

Please see below the Payments list published before the Parish Council Meeting of the 11th October 2017. Beneath that is the one from the Minutes – spot the difference. I think Cllr Laird clearly likes playing these games?

Residents – CDC – LinBo – Nigel Moor meeting – 28 Sept

Place: Village Hall, Wellington Road. When: 18:30 Next week our Parish Council presides over a very important meeting with the developers. Why, because this is protocol, it is just a shame that without the impetus of the Resident Unite Group, […]

UR Residents Update – Uniting the Village

The flyer is from the Residents Unite Group. It explains how they want the Village to go forward. I believe there are volunteers distributing a hard copy at this time and simultaneously asking you to sign a signature sheet. UR […]

Play Park – Old Coop – Watch Tower

A few topical pictures here: Watch Tower – with scaffolding ready for renovation. Wellington Road – closed and dug up – signs and kerbs still in place. Jubilee Gardens – looking tidy. Play Park – looking good. As long as […]

Resident Forum with CDC/MP

Kelvin Walker writes on FB:  I have been requested to raise a post to gauge residents thoughts and gather responses to the idea of organising and attending a public meeting with Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP and Nigel Moor from GCC in […]