POS – a positive from CDC

Below is a document that appeared on the planning portal for application number 04/17_04151_FUL on the 3rd April 2018. On-Site Link. There are some real positives in this document. Just a quick read and you see that Deborah Smith, is […]

First Port will manage VF Public Open Space

Below is an extract from the UR Community Liaison Group Meeting held in February at CDC. Therefore, until further progress is made an interim management company First Port will be managing the Open Spaces, not managed by URPC, this includes the […]

Upper Rissington Community Liaison Group Update

Date: 2 March 2018 Below is Upper Rissington Community Liaison Group feedback following their inaugural meeting at CDC on 16th February to discuss various matters with specific emphasis on the Victory Fields expansion of Upper Rissington.  Below is a document […]

Borehole Rig on Farman Cresent

UR Community Liaison Group – 16th Feb ’18

The UR Community Liaison Group had a meeting at CDC on Friday 16th February 2018. Chairman – Philippa Lowe, Head of Planning and Strategic Housing Member of Parliament – Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown Planning – Deborah Smith, Team Leader Development Management […]

VF – Public Open Space – CDC Portal – Oct ’17 (Amended Dec ’17)

Public Open Space – Play Areas / Trim Trail – Planning Application: 17/04151/FUL from this website link. Please make your comments by 16th November 2017. You can discuss this topic in more detail here. Covering Letter 17_04151_FUL-COVERING_LETTER-1134549 17_04151_FUL-PLAYSPACE_OVERVIEW-1133010 17_04151_FUL-TRIM_TRAIL-1132972 17_04151_FUL-LEAP_01_-_COUNTRY_PARK-1132966 […]

VF (South Side) amended completion plan?

Below is information showing how Bovis / Linden could potentially leave Victory Fields (South Side) according to some very concerned residents. They are waiting for a response from the developer to see if their suppositions are correct. The drawing 5109 / […]

Open Space Meeting

There will be a “private” meeting with Bovis and Linden in the evening of the 11th August in the new Village Hall off Wellington Road to discuss Open Spaces. Once the real landscaping begins we will have some fantastic facilities in […]