Bovis and Linden Properties for sale @ UR

Linden Homes do not have any homes for sale at Upper Rissington. See this link. Bovis Homes have five left for sale. One each in Spitfire Place (Building 41) and Valiant House (Building 42) and three in the West Wing. […]

Victory Fields looking smart!

Managed some general pictures of VF today after the grass has been cut. Interesting, to note 99% of the tarmac is complete, including pathways. Most Heras fencing has been removed. Next week I will take some of the older part […]

The Original Gladedale application of 2011

The documents submitted are in relation to the following conditions; All conditions include have comprehensive info in PDF format – click the links. Condition 5 – Phasing Plan The indicative masterplan layout has been removed from the formal submission Phasing […]

New build gardens – preparing and planting

There is an extremely good publication from the NHBC here. CLICK Below is an extract from the NHBC. New build gardens – preparing and planting by Valerie Gregg on Tuesday 9 February, 2016 in Homeowner advice,New Homes When you move […]

Bovis Sales Office on the move.

Very pleased to report that the Bovis Site Office is being removed along with all the Bovis signage. In a village of Outstanding Natural Beauty it will be a relief that the signs and flags will also be removed soon. […]

Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown Newsletter

Below is an extract from our MP’s newsletter Upper Rissington Community Liaison Group (dated 15 May 2018) I then chaired both a pre-brief and public meeting of the Upper Rissington Community Liaison Group (URCLG). There has been an enormous number […]

Bovis homebuyers offered ‘cash in return for positive feedback’.

The article below is from the Independent newspaper – link provided. An Independent Article – dated 10 May 2018 Homebuilding firm Bovis Homes is at the centre of a new row after an investigation by The Independent found that some […]

A positive from Bovis Homes

Below is an extract from an e-mail received from Supriya Ray (Bovis Homes). I am sure you will agree, its a very positive statement and I hope real progress will be made to complete the site. Last Thursday myself and […]

Home Owners Rights Network (HORNET)

This post is a link to a website called Homeowners Rights. Posted just in case the link maybe useful to home owners in the area. HORNET Copyright protected by Digiprove © 2018

Residents Update – Flyer Edition 2

Please browse the flyer produced by the Residents Unite Group. VF Residents Flyer Edition 2 NB: This flyer does not contain any views of the Rissington Website editor. Copyright protected by Digiprove © 2018

Victory Fields – Completion…

I sent this email yesterday to Nigel Gasston, Supriya Ray, Nigel Moor, Mark Mackenzie Charrington and Deborah Smith – the only response I have received was from Nigel Moor. I did not ask all the questions on my mind – […]

Rissi’ Mountain the Third is being removed!

Really pleased to report the final Rissi mountain is biting the dust. You will also notice the Officers Mess construction compound is being emptied, before it is finally removed. The photographs, also show the road works on Delfin Way and […]

Officers Mess Complex

The Officers Mess Complex at Upper Rissington is nearing completion. The Main building is called Lutyens Court and the other buildings Godfrey Place. I think we can all say that Linden and Bovis have made an exceptional job of the […]

Access to Kitty Hawk Walk

A welcome revised access to Kitty Hawk Walk is being constructed and it’s expected to have its initial layer of tarmacadam very soon. The only question we have is will the Longmore crossing still exist? EDIT: 23 February 2018 – […]

Erection of 24 houses & 2 Business Units!

Here is the latest from planning: 17/03740/FUL | Erection of 24 residential dwellings, car parking and associated landscaping and the erection of 2 x B1 (Business) units with associated car parking and landscaping | Land Parcel At Upper Rissington Upper Rissington […]

Village Walkabout – 28 Jan 18

Main Points: Harris Gardens – leaves cleaned. Barrington Road – hedge cut and verges trimmed. Proctor / Slingsby / Sparrow / Mitchell – raised tables. Lutyens Court – named and tidied. Nursery – work restarted. Spitfire and Valiant – being […]

Planning 17/04950/FUL – Variation of Materials (VF)

17/04950/FUL | Variation of condition 3 of planning approval reference 12/03810/REM to regularise the materials used in the construction of the development | Land Parcel At Upper Rissington Upper Rissington Gloucestershire GL54 2NP Decision is yet to be made. Public […]

Delfin Way / Kitty Hawk Walk

Good to see that work is progressing on A.P. Ellis (Kitty Hawk Walk) to what was the old Medical Centre (Spitfire Place) and SHQ at break neck pace to get them finished before Christmas. Hence the mass of contractor vehicles […]