Additional Files to Planning App: 17/04151/FUL

Variation of condition 1 of reserved matters permission dated 23/01/2013 to provide detailed plans and sections of open space provision and to provide amended plans for hard surfacing and planting: Click here for the CDC link. The documents below were […]

A positive from Bovis Homes

Below is an extract from an e-mail received from Supriya Ray (Bovis Homes). I am sure you will agree, its a very positive statement and I hope real progress will be made to complete the site. Last Thursday myself and […]

Variation of Materials (VF) – CONCLUSION

Another very important document has been uploaded onto the Planning Portal. Found by Kelvin Walker, – thank you. The Conclusion of the report: Impact on the Character and Appearance of the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) The application […]

Victory Fields – Completion…

I sent this email yesterday to Nigel Gasston, Supriya Ray, Nigel Moor, Mark Mackenzie Charrington and Deborah Smith – the only response I have received was from Nigel Moor. I did not ask all the questions on my mind – […]

UR Land Survey by Merebrook – Ref:17/04151/FUL

Variation of condition 1 of reserved matters permission dated 23/01/2013 to provide detailed plans and sections of open space provision and to provide amended plans for hard surfacing and planting: Click here for the CDC link. The files below have […]

Rissi’ Mountain the Third is being removed!

Really pleased to report the final Rissi mountain is biting the dust. You will also notice the Officers Mess construction compound is being emptied, before it is finally removed. The photographs, also show the road works on Delfin Way and […]

Erection of 24 houses & 2 Business Units!

Here is the latest from planning: 17/03740/FUL | Erection of 24 residential dwellings, car parking and associated landscaping and the erection of 2 x B1 (Business) units with associated car parking and landscaping | Land Parcel At Upper Rissington Upper Rissington […]

Village Walkabout – 28 Jan 18

Main Points: Harris Gardens – leaves cleaned. Barrington Road – hedge cut and verges trimmed. Proctor / Slingsby / Sparrow / Mitchell – raised tables. Lutyens Court – named and tidied. Nursery – work restarted. Spitfire and Valiant – being […]

Planning 17/04950/FUL – Variation of Materials (VF)

17/04950/FUL | Variation of condition 3 of planning approval reference 12/03810/REM to regularise the materials used in the construction of the development | Land Parcel At Upper Rissington Upper Rissington Gloucestershire GL54 2NP Decision is yet to be made. Public […]

Delfin Way / Kitty Hawk Walk

Good to see that work is progressing on A.P. Ellis (Kitty Hawk Walk) to what was the old Medical Centre (Spitfire Place) and SHQ at break neck pace to get them finished before Christmas. Hence the mass of contractor vehicles […]

Community Liaison Group

Originally posted on the URPC website. I am not convinced that the Liaison Committee will have any teeth without those that instigated the whole process in the first place being part of it – the Unite Group. I sincerely believe […]

The VF – Community Infrastructure Levy

Below is an article from the Wilts and Standard On-in News. The gist is that the developer is upset about an anonymous letter whistle blowing their Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL). The backlash against the CIL underlines the degree of mistrust […]

December issue of the Bourton Times!

Bourton on the Times December Edition features a report by Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP on the meeting he had on the 3rd November in the Upper Rissington Village Hall. The extract is not yet on line. Click here to download all […]

After Rissington Unite – the URPC response!

Thankfully this village has people who are trying to encourage CDC and the developers to leave the Victory Fields to the standard outlined in the 2013 S106 document. Without, Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, Cllr Nigel Moor and extremely passionate residents of Victory […]

The crossing of Longmore (Kitty Hawk Walk)?

The construction of a road crossing of Longmore (Kitty Hawk Walk) to what was A.P.Ellis has stopped, until more research takes place on whether they need to continue with the current design. There are residents who would prefer a rethink […]

The Wellington Road debacle?

I am very familiar with Wellington Road, and the change of access to it has been in progress for nearly 4 years. Yes, you read correct 4 years. Last week the pathway laid recently was dug up, because whoever organised […]

Street Lights & Paths

EMG are busy digging up roads to lay electricity cables to the lights they installed within the last three years. Sometimes you may be fortunate in that the road top surface has not been laid, sometimes not. There is also […]

Wash Up from meeting on 3rd Nov with local MP

Here is the link to the Audio File covering the whole meeting. Also please read in conjunction with the Agenda Meeting post. Photograph: L to R. Mark Mackenzie-Charrington, Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP, Nigel Moor. Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP said there will be […]

Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP – Newsletter

Below is an extract from MP Geoffrey Clifton-Browns Newsletter dated 26 October 2017, the full version can be downloaded here Council Meetings On to the Cotswold District Council (CDC) in Cirencester to meet constituents from Upper Rissington, County Councillor Nigel […]

Agenda for Public Meeting on 3rd Nov

Public Meeting – Victory Fields Upper Rissington Friday 3rd November 6.00pm Village Hall Wellington Road to be chaired by Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP FRICS. Picture: Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP Below are a list of 50 questions to be submitted to Bovis Homes, […]

Road Programme for VF

This letter was delivered to VF residents by Bovis Homes today. I am writing to you of upcoming surfacing works taking place on site in the coming weeks. These works may cause a few disruptions to the access/egress of your […]