Bovis Sales Office on the move.

Very pleased to report that the Bovis Site Office is being removed along with all the Bovis signage. In a village of Outstanding Natural Beauty it will be a relief […]

Officers Mess Complex

The Officers Mess Complex at Upper Rissington is nearing completion. The Main building is called Lutyens Court and the other buildings Godfrey Place. I think we can all say that […]

Access to Kitty Hawk Walk

A welcome revised access to Kitty Hawk Walk is being constructed and it’s expected to have its initial layer of tarmacadam very soon. The only question we have is will […]

After Rissington Unite – the URPC response!

Thankfully this village has people who are trying to encourage CDC and the developers to leave the Victory Fields to the standard outlined in the 2013 S106 document. Without, Geoffrey […]

Bovis receives 2 takeover offers.

Bovis shares are risen more than 10% in afternoon trading after it received two potential takeover offers. From  The housebuilder said it had turned down the separate approaches from […]

Bovis Homes and the Daily Mail

I noticed this story regarding Bovis Homes today with respect to other building sites. Is this story in any way applicable to Victory Fields in regard to finish of new homes? Or is […]

Building 42 (Station HQ) conversion has begun!

The conversion of what was Building 42 (Old Station Headquarters) into homes has begun. New drawings have been proposed in June for the above building conversions. The drawings will be […]

Victory Fields Q and A

I asked CDC, namely Deborah Smith (DS), from the Planning Department of CDC a few minor questions. Here is her response on some of the issues raised. 1) Mitchell Way: […]

KIER Site Visit – 16 July ’14

Thanks to all at KIER for allowing the parishioners to visit the two new impressive community buildings in their very early stages of construction. Both look absolutely impressive and both […]

Victory Fields

Cotswold District Council have approved the plans for 368 new homes at Upper Rissington. The new housing development at Upper Rissington will be known as Victory Fields. For more information […]

Have your say on Victory Fields – 2012

In February 2010, outline planning consent was granted for: • 368 new homes • Up to 3,140sqm of non-residential and leisure facilities • Up to 2,050 sqm of shops • […]

Bovis and Linden Homes

The rumour looks like coming to fruition. The Reland business area will come under Bovis and Linden homes control in the Autumn. Which means that the development will go ahead […]