Village Hall Update Pictures

Three years have elapsed since the original village hall pictures – see below for the latest ones. As you can see the building is maturing appropriately. Outwardly, very few changes, […]

Village Hall Fence

Pleased to report that the Upper Rissington Village Hall is being partially surrounded by a wooden fence. The finished product will look similar to that of the school (picture attached). […]

Village Hall is OPEN

Click here for the Breeze Link  Well it’s open and it’s terrific. After so long we now have a working Village Hall and we have so much of the community already taking advantage […]

Village Hall acquired by URPC.

Upper Rissington Village website is pleased to report the following: Information extracted from Link to the Village Hall Trust website. Upper Rissington Parish Council is delighted to announce that […]

Demolition of VH and redevelopment

16/00694/COMPLY | Demolition of existing village hall and redevelopment with 4 residential dwellings. This application contains an extremely fascinating document: EXPLOSIVE ORDNANCE THREAT ASSESSMENT In describing the threat of possible […]

KIER hands over Village Hall/School

Today KIER construction hands over two impressive new facilities to the village of Upper Rissington. Liz Bannister, headmistress of Rissington school formally accepts the superb new school today. Can you imagine […]

KIER provides power for Defibrillator

Cllr Flint, yesterday persuaded Steve Threadingham of KIER to pre-wire the Community Centre for the installation of a Village Defibrillator at the Community Centre FOC (in the anticipation that the […]