Cllr Hanks & Laird asked to consider their positions…

At the last council meeting, 9 May 2018, neither of the above councillors were in attendance. Both are signatories for URPC payments from a total of 3 assigned. The other is Cllr Peak, interestingly he walked out of the meeting at circa minute 80, citing he was not required and his wife needs help. Listen to Audio Minutes of 9th May 2018

With respect to Brian Hanks, he was away and did give his apologies (and he does have other interests). However, Dawn Laird, gave an indecisive apology and said she maybe available, unfortunately this was not true.

The end result of this situation is that URPC cheques cannot be written and the council’s reputation is being severely tarnished and brought into disrepute (this situation has been on going – this is the third consecutive meeting that this has happened). What is very evident is they are intentionally being very destructive, as they know it is a very important matter for URPC.

As a consequence, people in the audience voiced their opinion and asked for their resignation. It was mentioned by URPC that this cannot happen. Furthermore the Chairman also expressed his annoyance and said he would be writing to Nigel Adams of CDC to inform him of the situation. He also, said they should be considering their position if they cannot act responsibly.

It would appear that after a very long period of destruction of URPC by the above councillors the village is waking up (it has only taken 3 years).

Unfortunately, we cannot demand their resignation, they have to action this themselves. The only time they will be forced to resign is if they acted criminally or fail to attend PC meetings for a consecutive 6 months.

Will add the reference later.

Furthermore, someone in the audience said that Cllr Laird has official files and documents owned by URPC at her home. If this is true, what is the legality of this? The council headed by the Chairman must get them back.

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  1. Nigel Adams seems to be a law unto himself too! I will be surprised if he offers any support to our URPC! As for the Ward Councillor from CDC he did not pitch up either! Who voted for him at the last election? Was this another co-option debacle?

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