Little Hurricanes

Information taken from the Breeze.

Little Hurricanes is a friendly baby and toddler group that meets every Thursday morning from 9.30-11.30 at the village hall.

We are really enjoying meeting all the new families who have moved to the village recently. We know that going to a new group for the first time can sometimes be a bit daunting. If you are planning to come along to the group for the first time and feel a bit anxious, drop us an email or a message on our Facebook page and we will make sure we look out for you and show you the ropes! The cost of the sessions is £2 per family group. This fee helps us cover the cost of hiring the village hall, insurance, cleaning products and other essentials such as tea, coffee, snacks and the all-important biscuits for the grown-ups!

If you would like to get involved with helping with snack, planning our activities or helping with setting up in the morning have a word with one of the members of our committee. The more hands on deck the better!

The local Health Visitor will continue to come and see us on the first Thursday of every month for weighing and to offer general advice. (If you wish to see the Health Visitor but without attending the group and paying the £2 entrance

fee you will need to hand your book to the Health Visitor when you arrive and then wait outside the hall and she will call you in when it is your turn.)

For more information contact us at or find us on Facebook: Upper Rissington Little Hurricanes.

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