Rissington Youth Club


Source – The Breeze.

The Youth Club enjoyed an amazing Christmas Social at the Freedog Trampoline Park. It was a great evening and it was good to see the youth front flipping and somersaulting and in general just bouncing everywhere! The night was finished off with the obligatory trip to Maccy D’s wow these kids can eat!

Youth Club has now been split into two groups to accommodate the growing number of children in the village:

Session 1 is run from 6.30pm-7.30pm for children in years 6-8.

Session 2 starts from 7.45pm- 9pm and is for years 8+. Entry is still only £1

Session 1 continues to run every Wednesday, but as it stands, session 2 will only run every other week.

As always we are looking for volunteers and without enough volunteers we simply cannot run Youth Club to its full potential.