Social Committee

Information taken from edition 11 of the Breeze.

Page updated – 20th December 2016

The Social Committee is really coming of age now. New volunteers add to the scope and experience of the Committee and we’ve a growing band of helpers and volunteers, both individuals and members of other groups like the Little Hurricanes and the Sports Committee. We’re grateful to them for their help and support and we’re very grateful to the community for supporting events in such numbers. It’s gratifying to see families turn out determined to enjoy themselves.
Last quarter started well with the first Barn Dance to be held at the new Village Hall. It was a great night and a great opportunity for all parts of the village to get to know one another. The band were called The Bees Knees and they were just that (the Bees Knees) when it came to keeping the energy levels up. Financially the event was a pleasant surprise, which is so important. We need to be able to invest in more equipment to increase the number and
improve the quality of our community events. We now Take your partners! have our own barbecue and portable PA system. We need more equipment to give us more options for future events and any surplus made at events goes to help fund other events that typically draw from our reserves such as the Panto and Easter Egg Hunt.

November saw us put on our biggest and best Bonfire and Fireworks display yet. Our ‘thing’ is to hold our bonfire night the week after most villages and organisations hold theirs. This works really well for our community, as it clearly attracts the biggest audience and provides us with an awesome professionally-mounted display at an affordable price. The turnout this year was exceptional and the feedback was universally positive. Thank you to those of you who donated
so much in the bucket collection. This year we more than doubled the amount collected in previous years, with over £800 being donated.

This is such a help in making sure that we can run this event again next year. The cost of the display and sundry other costs such as insurance make this an expensive event to run, but thanks to the terrific work of our catering, teas and cakes, bar and bucket brigades and particularly thanks to the generosity of the community, we’ve more than covered our costs. If you add together the barn dance and fireworks display our reserves have improved by almost a thousand pounds. Well done to all.